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Monday, July 31, 2017

Lust Abroad in the #TropicalTryst boxed set #preorder #RB4U @WhitleyCoxBooks

Please welcome the author of Lust Abroad, featured in the highly anticipated summer boxed set Tropical Tryst, Available TOMORROW! ONLY 99cents!


Hi, everyone, I’m Whitley Cox. I write contemporary erotic romance with beginner kink and lots of humor. My current series, The Dark and Damaged Hearts, is on the darker side, but some of my upcoming releases are much lighter. I do read in the same genre I write, but I also read a variety of other genres as well. I’m a big Game of Thrones fan, as well as Terry Goodkind’s the Wizard’s First Rule and anything by Diana Gabaldon or Rebecca Zanetti. I’m a stay-at-home mom to a two-and-a-half-year-old little girl, so my writing time is typically nap time with a fluffy dog on my lap, bedtime and on Saturdays when I go sit in Starbucks for hours. I’m a big tea granny, love the smell of coffee but not crazy about the taste and my favorite form of exercise is rebounder (everyone gets their own mini-trampoline!) I’m also an avid runner and when the words just aren’t happening I’ve been known to paint and/or bake. One thing that people might now know about me is that I’m a HUGE Young and the Restless fan. So, if you’re interested in discussing all things Genoa City, I’m your girl! You can find me pretty much everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, my website. Send me a message or just a quick “hi”, I love getting mail!

My story Lust Abroad is set in Peru. For our honeymoon my husband and I backpacked for six months through twelve countries. We had a modest DIY wedding, and chose to put all our saved money into the trip of a lifetime instead of a one-day party. We visited Central America, Peru, Easter Island and then headed over to South East Asia for the second half of our adventure. This wasn’t our first rodeo though, we backpacked Indonesia together a few years previous and I backpacked Thailand and Malaysia on my own. But even then nothing prepares you for some of the trials and tribulations a backpacker, thousands of miles away from home, in a foreign country where the language is different and the customs are different, faces. I’m not going to sugar coat things here Peru was a disaster for us. We were robbed not two hours after having landed, out of our hostel no less. They broke in, ransacked the place and took all our valuables. Then while in Cusco my husband ended up in the hospital. We’re experienced backpackers, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t thrown for a complete loop and contemplated giving up and going home.

If it hadn’t been for a couple of fellow Canadians I stumbled across in the police station in Miraflores and their overwhelming generosity and kindness, not to mention our stubbornness to not let Peru get the best of us we would have thrown in the towel. But we didn’t. We followed Elissa and Matt back to their hostel, met some incredible people then continued on with our trip. It wasn’t until Cusco where my husband fell ill with a gastro-intestinal bug and was admitted to the hospital just two days before we were set to go and hike to the ruins at Machu Picchu that I really got scared. Things and possessions are one thing, they’re replaceable, but when the love of your life is on a gurney in a foreign country and they’re using some rather unorthodox methods on him, that’s when the real fear sets in.

But again, we made it through. We didn’t take the Inca Trail, for obvious reasons, but we hiked the fifteen hundred steps to the top, then the twelve hundred steps to the top of the second mountain. We persevered, we did it together and we will carry those memories with us forever.

Now my story, Lust Abroad isn’t about a couple on their honeymoon, it’s about a second chance at happiness and love. Two broken hearts meet on an airplane and the attraction is instant. Fate has them both staying at the same hostel and from there the sparks fly. Throw in some comedy, hot sex and some maniacal gun-wielding drug lords and Lust Abroad is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, turning pages and give you all the happy feels.

Despite our rough go in Peru I decided to write a story set there and weave in some of our experiences. Because rather than dwell on the negative things and get angry (believe me at the time I was homicidal) I’ve now decided to take what we learned, take our experience and turn it into a positive. We grew more as a couple in those two hellish weeks than I think we did in the entire six months of our trip. We’ve learned some valuable lessons about trust. Who you can trust and when you should trust your gut. And most of all we learned what is really important, and that’s being together. Yes, they stole our cameras (among other things), but we got a new one and moved one. We still have pictures and we’ll always have the memories and we’ll always have each other.

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Lust Abroad is one of 25 brand new sexy romances in the Tropical Tryst Boxed Set. Escape with us to a hot and tropical setting for only 99 cents. It’s available for pre-order now and will be released Aug. 1. 

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Cara Marsi said...

Nice to meet you. I've pre-ordered Tropical Tryst. Your story sounds great. I can't wait to read it. I'm impressed by your back-packing honeymoon!

Whitley Cox said...

Hi Cara! Thanks so much for pre-ordering. Nice to meet you too. :) I hope you enjoy all the books and I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my post. It was definitely the trip of a lifetime. I'm sure I'll write another story or two and incorporate some more experiences, we definitely had some doozies. Have a wonderful week. Cheers. :)

Paris said...

Your honeymoon sounds like quite an adventure, thank you for sharing! Your story sounds like fun and I can't wait to read it! Best of luck with your sales:)

jbiggar said...

This looks great, can't wait to read Tropical Tryst!

jean hart stewart said...

WOW, juat wow, my hat;s off to you and your loved one. Lots of luck with your release..

Whitley Cox said...

Hi Paris! Thanks so much. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Jbiggar! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the set. I appreciate the support.

Hi Jean Hart Stewart. Thanks for commenting and the support. I hope you have a lovely week and I appreciate you stopping by. Cheers.

Melissa Keir said...

Conngrats! Sounds like a great read! :)

Whitley Cox said...

Thanks, Melissa Keir :)

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