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Thursday, April 20, 2017



We are always looking for new ways to reach our readers. I've been doing a couple of new things this year. I enjoyed the boxed sets and anthologies I have been in. Went back to thinking I should just write in my cave and forget everything else, and now I'm out socializing and working with other authors again.

Our newest venture was doing a promotional set (20 authors, all heat levels) with a branded theme, selling for .99 each, set to lead up to the RT Convention in Atlanta. So, our theme was that we had to have something that took place in Atlanta. I wanted to write a SEAL story, so chose a place I actually knew a little about, the Georgia Aquarium, and had the Hero and Heroine meet there. Then they hooked up at Dante's bar, which also used to be an Atlanta hot spot, owned by a former Navy SEAL Dante Stephenson. The place was torn down some years ago, but I found some neat pictures of the interior. Yes, that's a real pirate ship in the middle of the bar.

I never met Dante, but I read enough about him and his Vietnam-era service, that I knew I'd love spending time with him. I made up everything, of course, just like I always do, including the bar area name: The Plank.
The plan is to release a new book every day from April 10 to the RT convention on May 5th. At the convention, there will be a regular country faire, complete with Georgia-themed items that won't get them bounced from the hotel. I cannot attend, at the last minute, but I'm supporting the group anyhow financially, and I did send 400 pieces of peach-section-scented soaps. If any of you go to RT, save me a bag. It will have only cost me $500. LOL.

In March, I wrote a novella in The Trident Legacy, a paranormal SEAL medic who just happens to be the halfling son of Poseidon, and he's immortal. His coupling with a human woman is dangerous for him. I plan on writing a full book with his story later in the summer, I enjoyed him so much! Working with veteran Medeival writer Kathryn LeVeque, was a real treat. It was her attempt to bring in some contemporary readers, and my attempt to connect to some of her historical readers, and I think we succeeded.
I also am writing in a group called Sleeper SEALs with 10 other authors. We'll be releasing 2 new books every month, the first to come in August. Mine is due to publish 10-31-17. Not quite sure why they gave me the scary time, but that's the way it goes. That premise is these SEALs are called back into service by the President himself, to take care of some national threat. These will all be full length novels. Mine is only available on preorder at iBooks, but will be available on Amazon and other places in August when we begin promoting them.

I also elected to take Nashville SEAL: Jameson, and put him into an anthology with some other authors, and give him a KU run. It's a cross-promotional idea that I've not tried before.

I'm also writing another novella called Paradise, which will be an older SEAL-turned-stockbroker. Just started that one and I already am in love with this guy who will get the wanderlust of his life!

Yesterday was my launch for the Magnolias & Moonlight series, so I apologize for being late. But the excuse was good, right?

What do you like to see as far as author collaborations? Or, as an author, which ones did you like doing the best?


julie beasley said...

I like to read completely different authors working together to give me more variety and different styles of writing

julie beasley said...

I like to read completely different authors working together to give me more variety and different styles of writing

Melissa Keir said...

The idea of different authors working together is a favorite of mine because I can always find some new to me authors. Dante's looks amazing and I'm sorry it's not still in business!

Sharon Hamilton said...

Julie, I agree. Most readers read more than a book a day. It would be boring to read just the same people. Lots of new authors out there every day. Some will survive. I love that we have so many choices, and these collaborative ventures highlight that.

Melissa, I would have loved to have been at Dante's. I imagine he's quite a guy. Still looking for someone who actually went there and had a drink or a meal. It was a Jazz Club too. Thanks for reading.

Lisa Kessler said...

Hi Sharon -

I've had a great time with the Magnolias and Moonshine author crew!

I'm bummed you can't make it to RT!!!

Hopefully we'll meet up someplace else soon...

Lisa :)

Sharon Hamilton said...

Lisa, We will! So glad to have had your chapter in my book!! At least we'll be together online and I agree, it was a fun (and still is) time. You have to promise to do a Live so I can share in the celebration with your guys - or take lots of pictures!!

Thanks again for playing with me...

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