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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Water of Love

By Sharon Hamilton

I'm writing a novella to be included in a duet called the Trident Legacy with sister author Kathryn Leveque. We both have characters who are the sons of Poseidon, immortal half-breeds from the union of their powerful but bad boy father and one of his many liaisons over the centuries. Both our characters are, of course, Navy SEALs, and they are nearly as old as the oceans themselves that spawned them.

This is my first venture into the paranormal SEAL genre, something I've longed to do, but until now, hadn't found the right vehicle. Kathryn and I have been brainstorming and bouncing things off each other. It has been a fun collaboration.

So as I was getting into the feel and texture of the story, I came up with an image I call "The Water Of Love." Of course, I recalled the Dire Straits song Water of Love. This haunting melody and the words that match are what I'm listening to nearly 24/7 as I write this beautiful story.

I plan on a big sex scene between the hero and his heroine, who is a mortal woman and may not survive the mating. And yes, it will be water born. As in any truly beautiful love scene, the exchange of hearts and passions can be dangerous, but it is forever altering and life-changing, leaving the couple transformed by their union. I love the idea that he is part God, but grounded by a mother long dead. His heroine becomes part of the missing piece in his life.

I found these images that I've printed and hang all around my computer to inspire me, along with the music. Here's a blurb and our gorgeous cover. What do you think? Do you want to read about an underwater mating scene, a Water of Love story where both parties are forever changed, through the power of their love?

Order The Trident Legacy

We are brothers, the Sons of Poseidon, though our mothers have gone many eons ago. Given special powers, we are required to protect humanity from the dark forces of the universe that coalesce and then plunge back into the inky pit of evil only to rise up again to be defeated. 

My task is to blend in as a normal, common man. But I am not a common man. I bear the mark, and I have worn it proudly, although sometimes I find that calling more difficult than others. However, I’ve never run away from it nor deny the obligation of my birthright.

Oceans and worlds are fully accessible to me. There is only one thing that I am denied: a true love partner. I’ve loved many times, but never for evermore, only for the here and now.

It would be a lonely journey, without mother or family of my own, were it not for my brothers. But the preservation of mankind is a worthy calling, and one I shall do until the end of time, or the end of my time.

I have chosen for these next few years to live as a Navy SEAL, an elite warrior with an elite team of brothers not unlike the Sons of Poseidon. 

This is my story.

Our new venture releases 3/28/17. Can't wait for you to read it. Don't you think love and water mix nicely? 


Melissa Keir said...

Sounds wonderful! I would love to read more!

Sharon Hamilton said...

Thanks, Melissa! I can't wait...

Judy Baker said...

Best of luck with your book.

jean hart stewart said...

What an original idea.....Sounds wonderful.....

Cara Marsi said...

Sharon, your story sounds wonderful. The cover is beautiful. Can't wait to read it.

Sharon Hamilton said...

Thank you, Cara, Jean and Judy! I'm having fun.

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