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Thursday, February 16, 2017

I'm late posting today, but it happens to be my birthday and I've had a busy, happy day. No, I won't tell you how old I am. Google says 108, and you believe Google, don't you? I'm lucky to be surrounded by friends and my children and to have wonderful memories of my husband. I feel constantly surrounded by love.

Here's an excerpt from Guilty Secrets. Adam is the one with secrets, and although he has rescued Corry from a cruel father he doesn't quite let down his guard. Corry knows their marriage cannot mean what she wants, unless Adam confides in her.

Here's a love scene between two people who still have to learn to trust each other and their love.

"He slipped into bed beside her, and taking one of her hands, placed it on his arousal and held it there.
“No matter how much I want you, I’ll not rush you tonight. I want you to get acquainted with how my body feels and differs from yours.”
He knew instantly he’d picked the right tactic for a girl of Corry’s intelligence and curiosity. She ran her hand over every bit of his thoroughly aroused member, while he clamped his lips together lest he groan and frighten her. It seemed so right to have her hands on him. He felt as if all his life he’d been waiting for this girl and her innocent exploration that was just the beginning of where he vowed to take her. Her touch was light, thanks be to God, or he’d have jerked her hand away and rolled her under him. Then she moved to his lower stomach, felt the hard flatness there, and traveled upward. When she reached his chest, she danced her fingers through the pelt of hair on his chest, lingering on his skin once or twice. When she began to explore his nipples, he knew he could stand no more.
“Enough, sweetheart, let me love you for a while.”
He flipped her on her back and rising over her, began his own explorations. Concentrating on what would give her the most pleasure, he caressed her breasts and kissed them at the same time. Her nipples peaked, and when he moved to them, kissing and sucking on them, he heard with welcome her small gasps of pleasure. If he could only stay the course, he was sure he’d reach his goal.
If, if, if...He wasn’t entirely sure he could go as slowly as he should.
Gradually, he moved his lips down her body, kissing her stomach and finally the thick curls between her legs. She put out a hand as if to stop him when he concentrated on that precious vee, but he gently put her hand aside. Feeling the moisture already gathered, he heaved his body upward and placed his engorged member at her entrance. This time there was no hesitation on her part, and he triumphantly inched into her welcoming warmth.
The whirlpool he’d been staving off caught him, and he began to move within her. At first she seemed hesitant. Then she caught the rhythm and moved with him, answering his thrusts with some of her own. With a deep sigh of satisfaction, he knew she would soon begin to feel the rapture he already felt. The power of their lovemaking was more turbulent that he’d expected, and it quickly pulled them both down. He put his hand between them to caress her and increase her pleasure, and it was not long until she gave a little cry and dissolved in a limp heap in his arms. With deep gratitude, he let himself climax.
He held her tightly until she stopped shuddering.
“Did you like that, my lady?” he could not resist murmuring as he kissed her hair.
“You know I did,” she sighed. “That was absolutely astonishing.”
“It was indeed,” he said, softly and solemnly."

Guilty Secrets is in print now, and be purchased at all the usual places. Amazon, Kobo, MuseItUp, etc.  Until next month, when I'll try to post a little sooner.....Jean


Melissa Keir said...

Happy Birthday! I love the cover and wish you much success and many more wonderful years!

Tina Donahue said...

Happy Birthday, Jean! Congrats on your latest release. Sounds wonderful. :)

Cara Marsi said...

Happy Birthday, Jean. I love that cover. The excerpt is beautiful.

R. Ann Siracusa said...

Happy Birthday. It's wonderful to be surrounded by those your love. Your excerpt is lovely, and the cover isn't so bad either. If he come to my house, can I keep him?

jean hart stewart said...

THANK YOU,THANK YOU,Ladies.. And Ann, you can't have him! He stays at my place!

Paris said...

Happy Birthday, Jean, may you have many more! Great excerpt, sweetie. Wishing you loads of sales and continued happiness:)

Suz said...

Happy happy joy joy! Hope you had an amazing and wonderful day!

jean hart stewart said...

Had a great day, Suz and all you other ladies. I feel surrounded by love...

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