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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Talk about's August already?

Hi all and welcome to my day on Romance Books '4' Us !!!

Sorry it's better late than never I suppose :)  
The 2nd of each month creeps up on my before I realize it.  
Things are super busy this time of year.  

Most kids around the country are either back in school or are going within the week or so.  Here in Michigan, well we're a bit delayed...matches my rhythm perfectly here lately.  My kids are still around underfoot for the next few weeks, not that i mind too much as they are pretty self sufficient.  We always go back to school two days after Labor Day so the official peaceful household will be celebrated on Wednesday September 7th.  But only for a partial day.  Their first day is an early release but once the bus leaves with my youngest two and my Senior drives off in her own car with her 8th grade brother, there will be a sigh from old mom here.  Another school year started and a bit bitter sweet as this will be the start of the Graduation planning.
I'm still struggling a little with having a child old enough to graduate soon.
Can't fathom where the time has gone.
My 3 sweet babies :)

Then as if I don't have enough to do with 4 kid, 2 7 y/o chocolate labs and 2 cats, we decided to get a puppy.  Our labs are getting older and we wanted to add a puppy while they were still young enough put up with one.  Her name is Aeri(pronounced R-ee), and i'm totally in love. She'll be 9 weeks old this Friday and she's ever so ornery and precious.

Of course there's always more to add to our ever busy life.
I have a few book deadlines hovering which i'm super excited about.

The only one i have a cover for so far is a Fairytale Anthology

And it's up for pre-order on Amazon
99¢ or free for KU
Unfortunately, I don't have more info to share on my own story in this just yet however
I can say you might hear a bit about some pigs and a wolf and a woman in red,
among a few other fairy tale characters you might recognize, but keep checking
 my website, for more details.

Hope your summer is going great and hey, don't forget to check out RB4U's
 monthly giveaway, located on the sidebar of this site !!!


Cara Marsi said...

Krista, I love fairytales with a twist. I just pre-ordered the boxed set. Your kids are cute, and so is the puppy. Summer, my favorite season, goes by too fast. Enjoy the rest of yours.

Paris said...

It sounds like fun at your house this summer! Loved hanging out with my kids but was always ready for a break when the school year began. Labs are the best and yours is adorable:) Good luck with the new stories!

Melissa Keir said...

While I love having that extra time with the kids in Michigan, it means that they don't get out until late June which makes summer half over. :( Such a beautiful cover and it sounds wonderful. Gotta love twisted fairy tales!!

jean hart stewart said...

Loved your column and knowing more about you and your faily...Have a great what's left of summer...

Krista said...

Thanks so much to you all for visiting me ! I do love my kids but as Paris said, i am usually ready to have them go back to school lol. I do like the summers Melissa and it's nice at least mine get a full 3 months. They are usually out by June 6th, unless we have a few extra snow days. Thanks for liking and pre-ordering the New Fairytales, we sure hope it does well !!

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