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Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Corgi Will Soon Need Wheels...Poor Thing! by Marianne Stephens

This is for pet lovers! My Corgi is part of the family. Love her!

We recently found out that full-blooded Corgis are susceptible to a genetic disorder that can affect the spine and back legs starting at age 8. She's now 10. Within a year or less, she'll need a wheeled cart to move around.

There's no cure...and little can be done to help. We take her for physical therapy...exercise, electrical stimulation, and water treadmill workouts. No pet insurance, so weekly visits get expensive. But, she didn't ask for this. Thank God she's not in pain.

We first noticed her back legs slipping while moving, and thought it was the wood floors. But, she does this on carpet, concrete, and grass. 

I'm now a yahoo group member of a wheeled Corgi group. Lots of "try this" suggestions, but mostly talk about cart issues and how/where/when to get one. There are DNA tests that breeders should do on Corgis before selling them. Our dog was a rescue dog, so we had no background information.

Not only does she deal with sliding legs, she also has Diabetes and gets shots twice a day. She's a trooper, and never fails to run out the back door to bark at the crazy dogs in the yard behind ours. She still has that instinct to protect her territory, even in she slips on the grass. 

Brave girl...but we know things will get harder for her. Already built a ramp out the back door for her!

I wrote "Gone to the Dogs" and featured a Corgi in the story. An image of a Corgi is on the cover. The first sentence of the book is:  "Your dog ate your underwear." Now, this happened to me, but it wasn't MY underwear the dog ate. She ate a sock and a set of two thong panties that belonged to my daughter! Luckily, all clothing items exited the dog...through one end or the no harm done. But I just KNEW I had to use the whole fiasco in a book!

Anyone else have a pet with an ailment? How do you cope? 

Authors: Do you add pets in your stories?

Readers: Do you like to read stories that include a pet?

Marianne Stephens


Melissa Keir said...

Too funny! What is it about dogs and underwear! My Griss won't leave mine alone.

I'm sorry about your Corgi. My son is currently working on planning for his capstone project at University and we talked about doing a project for pets, similar to the wheeled carts. I've seen kittens in them and other dogs. Just last year, my Callie was only using three of her legs to get around. She must have pulled one. Those kiddos are so loving no matter that they are in pain or not getting around as well.

I wish you all the best with your baby and keep us updated please!

Tina Donahue said...

Aw, poor baby. Hope she has quality of life and enjoys her wheels. :)

Cara Marsi said...

Your poor Corgi. Our furbabies are family members. I had a cat once who had kidney disease. We treated her for years before she finally left us when she was 16. More recently, my beautiful Killer died of cancer. By the time we knew she had cancer, it was too late. I still mourn her. I've used cats in lots of my books.

Paris said...

I've always loved stories that included pets and have one planned. All of our fur babies have wandered into our lives or been rescues so we've never known anything about their health histories but all of the dogs have lived to be about seventeen. My current office puppy is fourteen with health issues and still hanging in there.

Your Corgi sounds like a trooper and I wish you all the best:)

Sandy said...

Dear Marianne,
So sorry to hear about your sweetie, but I know you'll do everything you can for your baby. It's tough to lose someone you're so attached to.

jean hart stewart said...

I've written about lots of pets in my stories. Your Corgi must be a darling. Losing a pet is so hard.

Marianne Stephens said...

Thank you all. It's hard to watch her try and move, but she's not in pain. She still tries to run outside and we're happy to see that. There will come a time when she'll stop doing it.

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