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Friday, May 13, 2016

Fridaqy the 13th...Are You Superstitious? by Marianne Stephens

Forget the Friday the 13th movies...real creepy!

Do you feel uneasy on any Friday the 13th? Anything weird ever happen to you?

On one Friday the 13th while in college and coming home from a lousy date, I twisted my ankle and ended up on crutches. For a number of years after that, all Friday the 13th days seemed to be ones that didn't go well for me. Either I was sick, fell, or some type of physical stuff would happen to me. 

Then, it just stopped. No more fearing Friday the 13th.

Today, I didn't even think about it! I'm fine, no bruises or accidents. Maybe all the bad luck I experienced was a result of my being paranoid about the day...and I caused it to happen.

Any Friday the 13th stories to tell?

photo: Flickr: Hey Paul Studios


Melissa Keir said...

Today I recorded a radio interview only to have the whole thing not record. Now we are going to do it again! *sigh*

Janice Seagraves said...

Funny you should ask. My husband is extremely paranoid about Friday the 13th. The first time he was ever fired was on that day. Anything bad that's ever happened to him was on Friday the 13th. Yesterday, I told him what today was, he froze and his eyes bugged out.
He told me he was coming straight home after work, driving at a snail pace and he wasn't going to do anything or go anywhere.
Hubby is in bed right now (he works nights) with the blanket over his head.


jean hart stewart said...

I've got other superstitions, but thankfully not that one. Someday I'll write a blog on the ones I do have.

Gemma Juliana said...

I found out today my blog post on this loop yesterday did not post, so it is rescheduled for later this month.

Typically I have found Friday 13th to be a lucky day!

Sandy said...

Still laughing over Janice's husband's story.

My husband considers Friday the 13th a lucky day. Several years ago we went to Harrah's for breakfast, and we decided to go play $20.00 a piece. After four or five plays he won $3900.00. However, he went to a casino this Friday the 13th and lost a hundred dollars. I told him he took too much money with him, and that's why he lost. lol You always win on the first twenty if you're going to win. lol

NLB said...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (actually, the north shore of Long Island, NY) I was born just after dark on a certain Friday the 13th. I have always celebrated them all, and have even owned black cats. No fear here!
Nancy Lee Badger, Author

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