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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why should you choose Romance Books 4 Us #RB4U #Authors #Writing

Romance Books '4' Us - All Romance, All Genres 

Did you know that RB4U has lots of advertising options which can be found here:

Here's some of our best options available to authors today...

FULL PAGE Promo: Check our Author and Industry rep pages! Cost: $15 per month or $30 for three consecutive months. The months of Feb. and Dec. cannot be bought as single months.

BOOKS OF THE MONTH: There are 5 static cover spots on Welcome Page per month. August is full. Some months only have one opening left! Cost: $15 per cover per month.

SLIDESHOW SPOTS: Covers at top of Welcome Page. Cost: $10 per cover per month.

Romance Books 4 Us receives thousands of views each month. Check our Endorsement Page to find out what others are saying!

For more information, contact: (marianneATromancebooks4usDOTcom)

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