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Monday, January 18, 2016

Ride the Romance Rollercoaster with @TheAnnaDurand #RB4U

Ride the Romance Rollercoaster, But Take Your Dramamine First!
Before I started writing romances, I devoured them as a reader. This taught me what I love in a romance, which shaped the kinds of romances I write. I realized early on in my writing career I couldn't please everyone--and I shouldn't try. So when I put fingers to keyboard to write my first romance novel, Willpower, I crafted the sort of characters and plots I love to read. What captivates me as a reader?
Excitement. Passion. Gut-wrenching, unthinkable choices. Villains who force the hero and heroine into separate corners, desperate to break free and find each other again. Heroines with troubled pasts. Heroes who've made terrible mistakes. I also adore paranormal stories, but a good, hot contemporary romance will capture my attention too. I've read everything from sweet to erotic, so naturally, my books vary in sensuality too.
Until last year, I'd written strictly paranormal romances. I still write them, but last summer I realized I needed to branch out. Challenging myself as a writer keeps my stories fresh. With this in mind, I started writing a short story, to get my feet wet in contemporary romance. As I wrote, however, my preference for heat and cornered heroines took over and I found myself writing the most sexually explicit story I'd ever composed. I made the hero a firefighter because it gave me a great idea for a nickname his buddies slapped on him, to describe his innate talent for seducing women.
When I wrote this story, which became Tempted by a Kiss (my latest release), I gave myself permission to go as far as I needed with the sexuality. It just felt right to have Mel and Adam struggling with an overpowering attraction to each other, since they've been best friends their whole lives. The transition to lovers had to be hampered by the fact she's just jumped her cheating ex and Adam is a Casanova. I've written two more erotic romances since, including a novel featuring Mel and Adam, retelling their story with more gut-wrenching emotion and scorching passion.
My writing journey, like any great romance novel, has been a rollercoaster ride. At last, I've found a path that suits me, and given the rave reviews Tempted by a Kiss has received, my readers enjoy it too. Not every book I write is erotic, but they all share one trait in common. My heroes and heroines hop on that rollercoaster, never quite sure if they can hang on without a seatbelt.
You and I know they will, because of the other thing I love about romances. There's always a happy ending. If I've left you smiling at the end of the book, then I've done my job right.
Anna Durand is an award-winning writer, a freelance librarian, and an audiobook addict. She specializes in steamy romances, both paranormal and contemporary, featuring spunky heroines and hunky heroes. As a member of Romance Writers of America, she volunteers for its chapter to give back to the romance community. In her previous life as a librarian, she haunted the stacks of public libraries but never met any hot vampires hunting for magical books.
Learn more about Anna and her books, and read her Spunk & Hunks blog, on her website at

Tempted by a Kiss
Mel Thompson just dumped her cheating ex after two years together. Now she's determined to understand the allure of casual sex by having a steamy fling of her own at a notoriously raunchy underground club. When her best friend, Adam Caras, catches on to her plan, he makes a surprising offer to derail her. If she wants a hot fling, he'll give it to her.
Who better than Adam, renowned lady-killer, to demonstrate the erotic pleasures of a one night stand? Sex could ruin their friendship, but after a soul-searing kiss, Mel fears one night may never be enough.

Desperate to grab your copy of Tempted by a Kiss? Find all the buy links on Anna's website.


Cara Marsi said...

Nice to meet you, Anna. I agree that writing romance is like riding a rollercoaster. I admire that you took a chance and went outside your comfort level to write something different. Love the cover, and the story sounds very hot.

Rose Anderson said...

I enjoyed learning more about you, Anna. Thanks for joining us today and best luck for 2016. :)

Melissa Keir said...

Wonderful blurb for your book. I agree that the rollercoaster is a thrill ride for writers. Some days you are on top of the hill, so excited that you found the perfect word, and then down with reviews...

jean hart stewart said...

Glad to know more about of luck for 2016....

Anna Durand said...

Thank you, everyone! I appreciate your comments and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Have a wonderful day!

Sharon Hamilton said...

Anna, I so agreed with so many things you said. Found myself nodding, yes, yes and yes! Best of luck and as a former paranormal romance reader and author, I switched to Romantic Suspense and have found a nice niche there. I remember what Darynda Jones once told me: "Don't write for the market, but find something in the market you can write." Great advice I've (tried) to follow!

Anna Durand said...

Thank you for stopping by, Sharon. That's a great quote from Darynda Jones and so true. I love to write just about anything, so I just keep trying new things, always searching for new ways to appeal to my readers.

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