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Friday, October 23, 2015

Guest Blog: Constance Hussey, author of Trusting Lord Summerton #RB4U #Regency

The Healing Power of Love

“Trusting Lord Summerton” was a difficult book to write. Because the heroine has suffered through an abusive marriage prior to the opening of the story, I had to find a way to share some of her experiences without burdening my reader with overly graphic details. It was also a challenge to present the hero in a believable way, since it fell to him to overcome Mary’s fear and distrust of men.

Although spousal violence is a frequent topic in today's world, as unfortunately it is something that occurs all too frequently, it is not a subject I consciously set out to write about. In fact, my musings began with a thought from the other end of such circumstances. Is it possible for a woman who has suffered abuse to ever heal, and what factors would enable her to do so? It is this complex situation that presents Lord Summerton with the most important challenge of his life—showing Mary that with persistence, understanding, and the gentle touch of a lover, she can overcome her fear. Owing to the twisted instruction of her late husband, Mary lacks any comprehension of the true concept of lovemaking—a partnership of mutual desire and concern for each other’s enjoyment. Patiently, and with careful attentions, Colin teaches Mary how delightful intimacy can be when they both share the same objective—giving pleasure to each other.

I’m always been a firm believer in the power of love. Whether it’s between parent and child, siblings and families, or lovers of all persuasions, I feel that love is an absolute necessity for the successful navigation of life’s often difficult path. Love not only makes us stronger, kinder, and more considerate, it encourages the tolerance we all need to have for our fellow travelers. 

Trusting Lord Summerton

 Now that she was free, Mary would never again allow another man into her life. Her battered heart was closed to friend and lover alike—but it was not closed to revenge. As eager as she was to bring down her enemy, however, she could not do it alone. She had to accept help—help which might be more dangerous than anything her foe might contrive. For the outstretched hand belonged to a man she had betrayed—her once fiancé, Lord Summerton, and she feared that deep in her heart lay the long-buried embers of the love they once shared.
            Lord Summerton knew he was a fool to even think of tangling with Mary. She was trouble with a vengeance and he already had enough complexity in his life. Still, to see her so wounded and not offer his aid was beyond him—even knowing that a second betrayal would damage him past mending.

Author bio: For Constance Hussey, it’s all about the history. From the moment she discovered the wonderful stories hidden in books, she was intrigued by all those make-believe worlds of other times and cultures. There she could be almost anyone—intrepid maiden, daring explorer, witch or warrior—and effortlessly travel to exotic places and long-past eras. Naturally, history was her favorite subject throughout school and the love of reading continues to be a mainstay in her life. Constance now lives in Florida with her own personal hero—her patient and supporting husband of 50+ years. When not glued to the computer, she enjoys gardening, cooking, walking and relaxing on the back porch with a glass of wine and a good book. 
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Sharon Hamilton said...

I love the theme the Healing Power of Love. It is what is constant in romances today. Thanks for a great blog post!

Susan G. said...

I have read all of Constance's previous books and am currently reading "Trusting Lord Summerton". This book is just as intriguing and heart felt as the others, even more so. I am excited to see how it ends hoping that Mary can finally find real and lasting love.

jean hart stewart said...

This book sounds really wonderful...lots of success with it....

Unknown said...

All of Ms. Hussey's romance novels are wonderful. This is her best one yet. I highly recommend it.

Melissa Keir said...

What a beautiful cover! The book sounds amazing. I also believe in the power of love! All the best with your book.

Unknown said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments. It's always wonderful to hear from readers. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Another gem from Constance Hussey. You have devoted fans in North Carolina!

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