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Sunday, October 25, 2015

What Do Pink Ribbons, Football and October have in common with Beverley Bateman #RB4U

Yes, you guessed it. It’s breast cancer month. Pink ribbons are the official symbol, first used in 1991, and the NFL supports the month by having players wear pink on their uniform; shoes, gloves, towels, arm braces, whatever. They cover the goal posts in pink, and the referees wear or carry pink flags. It’s a very positive thing for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. There’s lots of positive vibes.

The RB4U theme for this month is the healing power of love, so I’m sharing my story of breast cancer and how the love of people helped me heal – twice.

Originally, I signed up for a five year study for breast cancer. I believe in doing my part to help. There were two groups. One filled out a diet questionnaire each year. I was in the group that received a mammogram and diet consultation every year. My third year a small area, the size of a dime with pin pricks, was found. It was diagnosed as breast cancer – and I flunked out of the study. I had a lumpectomy. My friends, co-workers and family were there with support, love, and encouragement. They visited, brought little gifts, like a Spanish Cabbage Patch doll, because I’d recently visited Spain, and smuggled martinis into the hospital after my lumpectomy – in urine specimen containers. Okay, my background is in nursing and some of my nursing friends helped out here. There were lots of warm and fuzzy hugs, and recommendations for a great book on the power of positive thinking. I read the book. It kept me focused on thinking only positive thoughts about healing and getting better. My family and friends reinforced that with their love and caring.

I had a wonderful support group who helped in my healing. My daughter also gave me an amethyst crystal to help in healing and protect me from future health issues. It was a deep purple color, but each year it got lighter in color, as it used its power to protect me. Eventually it became almost white and then I lost it.

Amnesia, a cruise ship, a jewel theft ring and attempted murder combine to make it a cruise to remember. Hallie Donald has been in an accident and has amnesia. She’s traveling on the cruise as a companion. And someone is trying to kill her.
She doesn’t remember anything but someone   Interpol agent Eric Norby searches for jewel thieves on a Caribbean cruise, but his main suspect is the woman he loves.


   “You’re still shaking. Come on over here where it’s quiet.” Eric found a sheltered corner, away from most of the passengers. “Sit down, doctors’ orders. I’ll be right back with two drinks. You could use something to relax you. They have special sail-away drinks. You okay with that you?”
   He slipped his uniform jacket off and draped it around her shoulders, over her shawl.
   “Sounds great, but it’s not necessary.” She felt warmer in the jacket and his musky male scent enveloped her. It was pleasant and sexual. She knew didn’t react to all men’s scent this way. She looked up and noticed his lip curled slightly as he smiled.
   “Yeah, it is. Keep the jacket on to help warm you up. I’ll be right back.”
   Hallie sat on the edge of the chair. She forced herself to take deep, calming breaths. She relaxed slightly and leaned back. Eric’s jacket slipped from her shoulders to the deck. She bent to pick it up when she felt rather than heard a buzzing sound, something like a mosquito, past her left ear.
   She sat back up and twisted around to adjust Eric’s jacket. There was a hole in the back of the deck chair.
   Funny, I don’t remember it being there before I picked up the jacket.
   She ran her finger over the hole.
   “Here we go.” Eric carried a couple of tall, red, orange and yellowed colored drinks topped off with parasols.
   “What were you doing?” he asked.
   “I’m not sure. There was a funny sound, like a mosquito, and I think this hole just appeared.”
   “What the hell...?” Eric placed the drinks onto a nearby table. He ran his finger over the hole.
“It’s a bloody bullet hole.”
   “A what? You’re kidding?”
   “No, I’m not. Where were you when it happened?” Eric looked at the hole. He squinted back in the direction it would have come from.
   “I guess that’s when I bent down to pick up your jacket.”
   “My God, you could have been killed.” Eric pulled Hallie into his arms and squeezed her against his chest. “You’re sure you’re all right?”
   “I think so. I mean, I wasn’t hit or anything. I can’t figure out what’s happening. This has to be one of the worst nights of my life.”


Beverley is Canadian. She lives in the Okanagan Valley in beautiful British Columbia, with her husband and two Shiba Inu dogs. The area is set amongst lakes, beaches, mountains, apple, pear and peach orchards, plus raspberries, blueberries and lots of other fresh produce. And of course, it’s wine country. They produce world class wines which she feels is her obligation to sip while she writes her romantic suspense and medical thriller books.


Melissa Keir said...

Thank you for sharing your story. Congrats on your healing. I had an issue with a duct and had to have it removed since it showed abnormal cells. I had just turned 30. Scary time but I know now how much love and positivity helps. Currently, I'm having issues with my cervix. Things are coming back abnormal and I've had two biopsies. We are keeping an eye on things but it's still scary, yet I know I can get through this!

Nicole Morgan said...

Beverley thank you for being our guest and sharing with us. I'm so sorry I got your post up late. :(

darkwriter said...

Melissa, Love and positive thinking are so important. And I know you'll get through it. These challenges are sent to make us stronger. Sending some positive energy your way.

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