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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Writing a report in Matrix Crystal Hunters by Janice Seagraves

I don't keep journals or diaries. I had one when I was eight, I wrote in it only for a little bit then stopped.  

Here's a scene where my heroine is writing a report she's to present to her commander.

Matrix Crystal Hunters:

After breakfast, she got out her computer and set it up at the dining table, while Vach did the dishes, and Momma Roosa went out to putter about in her garden.

Typing a few sentences, she stopped to stare at Vach’s muscular physique. How does a rich boy get a tight butt? They don’t have gyms here that I know of. Several erotic scenarios flickered through her mind. Then she realized she had completely lost her train of thought. Maybe I should have set up my computer in my room?

Vach brought her a cup of tea. “How far have you gotten?”

“Dear sir, How are you?”

Vach frowned. “That’s not far.”

“Nope.” She stirred the sweetener into her tea and then took a sip. “I’m trying to think of how to word the part about the Mother’s womb.” Clearing her throat, she continued, “I need to word it just right, so my commander won’t try to send out a search party to find it.” She coughed, cleared her throat some more and stared at her cup. Feeling her glands, she noticed they were swollen.

“What tea is this?”

“Zena’s Special Choice. Why?”

“Oh, God. I can’t drink that.” She hurried to a cabinet.

Vach followed her. “I thought it was only seasonings you couldn’t have?”

“It’s more than that.” Maya found the epinephrine she was looking for. A dizzy spell hit her. “There are teas and food I can’t have either. They cause an allergic reaction.” Taking the syringe out of the package, she hit it on her thigh. The sharp bite of the needle broke her skin as it instantly injected the medicine into her bloodstream.

“What are you doing to yourself?” He stared at her thigh.

“I gave myself an emergency injection.” She dropped the syringe onto the countertop. As another wave of dizziness swept over her, she braced herself against the wall.

He moved to her side. “Why? Was it that serious?”

“Yes, you almost killed me.” She slumped to the floor. 


Matrix Crystal Hunters is available:
US Kindle


Cara Marsi said...

Good excerpt. I enjoyed it.

Melissa Keir said...

Thanks for sharing a piece of your story. Love the cover!

Janice Seagraves said...

Thank you, Cara.\

Thank you, Melissa.


Margaret Fieland said...

I loved it -- but where is the buy link?

jean hart stewart said...

What a cliff-hangar,,,,great excerpt...

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Margaret, Well, shout. I forgot to add one. I'll do it right now

Thank you, Jean. :)


Janice Seagraves said...

Margaret, I checked for the buy links. Take another look. The buy links are right there at the bottom. :) I guess they were easy to miss.


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