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Sunday, June 14, 2015

June is National Rose Month - the Flower of Love

Let's hear it for the roses...all sizes, shades and colors! The wonderful aroma, beautiful bouquets, bushes, etc., all around us. Colors of Roses and what they mean:

RED: Known as the Lover's Rose, shades can go from light to deep crimson. What better Valentine's gift than red roses? Maybe with chocolates to add a special "romance" meaning?

PINK: Expresses gentility, femininity, elegance, admiration. Deep pink: gratitude. Light pink: grace.

WHITE: Represents purity, innocence and celebrates weddings and young love.

YELLOW: Evokes a sense of warmth and friendship. In Victorian times, it symbolized jealousy!

ORANGE: Symbolize desire, attraction, and passion...that can lead to a wild romance!

LAVENDER LILAC PURPLE: Displays enchantment, and imagination...and love at first sight.

TURQUOISE: Expresses well-being, calmness, fertility.

BLUE: Embodies a sense the impossible and of mystery while hoping for an extraordinary chance for the beginning of something new.

GOLD: No better way to say "I Care", "Welcome Back", "Remember Me", my friend.

Whatever color you choose, you can't go wrong...except with black. No romance there. Just sorrow so stay away from them. Although, I'm sure some paranormal romances will feature these black roses as the choice of shade for dark tales!

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Credits: Teleflora, Proflowers, Morrison Gardens, Roses for Life.
Photos: Flickr: D. Sharon Pruitt, The Gifted, Angela M. Michel, BONGURI, dorena-wm, KIUKO, naitokz, toastforbrekkie and ghewqill's photostreams.


Rose Anderson said...

It's amazing how many colors there are now, Marianne. I love roses too. I had an enormous 22-year-old bower rose that died off in the big Polar Vortex two winters ago. We cut it down but it's back this year I couldn't be happier. It was a Mother's day gift from my kids. Just 21 more years to go and I'll have another bower. We even had cardinals nest among the thorns. :)

Gemma Juliana said...

I love roses, but never knew they can be found in turquoise. Thanks for sharing the meanings of all the different colors, and I agree about black roses -- they have always made me think of sorrows in love, or love lost.

Carly Carson said...

I didn't know roses came in some of those colors. I don't think I've ever seen lavender or turquoise. The lavender one is really pretty. Thanks for the mini-lesson.

Cara Marsi said...

Thanks for the info. I had no idea there were turquoise or lavender roses. They're all beautiful!

Paris said...

The language of flowers has always fascinated me. I knew about the various colors but the turquoise rose was a surprise! I've never seen one. I adore roses and have a very large red climbing rose bush that hubby built a trellis for a couple of years ago. Every year a robin builds/rebuilds her nest so that it balances on the trellis and is protected by the thorny roses.

Melissa Keir said...

Roses are so beautiful. I can see why they are such a vital part of romance and love. Thanks for sharing your insights into their meaning. :)

stanalei said...

Loved seeing the meaning of the rose colors! They are in bloom in my garden.

jean hart stewart said...

Love the pictures you found as well as the information. I wonder how many rose-givers know what they're giving...???

Judy Baker said...

Beautiful rose pictures. Thanks for the meaning of their colors. I love the orange color roses. I have a flower garden, but have never tried roses. Maybe I should.

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