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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stormy Passion Heating Things Up with @AuthorNicMorgan

Welcome to Romance Books 4 Us everyone. I'm your tour guide for the day, Nicole Morgan and as some of you may have noticed I drop by with a new post on the first of every month and either ramble like a fool or amaze you with my intellect. LOL. Okay, yes that last one was a stretch, but...I've got you smiling now, don't I? Now that you're good and loosened up, go ahead and kick your shoes off, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Stormy Passion Heating Things Up

For April our theme is Storms and all that implies. So I thought I would share with you a scene from Sweet Salavation (Sweet Awakenings Book 2) where two best friends are finding it harder and harder to ignore their feelings for one another, and the ensuing late night rain storm makes it all the harder. Because let's face it... getting all wet has a certain element of raciness to it...

They finished their coffee and headed back to Rex’s car. They got about halfway there when it started to rain. At first, it was a gentle rain, which just made them both grimace with annoyance over getting wet. Then, when the car was in sight, the downpour began. They both started running to the car. Shelby got to the door and waited for Rex to unlock her door. When he didn’t, she turned back to see him getting back up from the ground. He had fallen and was now thoroughly drenched. He was sprinting toward her, laughing. He was way more soaked than she was.
He quickly unlocked her door and ushered her in. Then he ran around to the driver’s side and jumped in behind the wheel. Rex was laughing so hard he was almost doubled over. Shelby almost couldn’t stop, either, until she realized they were getting water all over his custom leather interior.
“Rex, your car. Your interior is going to be ruined.”
He just shrugged it off and kept laughing. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll get her detailed tomorrow.” He put the key in the ignition and was about to put it into reverse when he saw someone run behind the car. “Whoa, that was close. I almost didn’t see that guy in the ball cap.”
That piqued her interest. She looked at him. “What guy, what ball cap?”
“I don’t know. He was probably trying to get out of the rain, just like us.” Rex slowly, paying attention this time, got the car out of the parking space and back onto the road.
Twenty minutes later, they were pulling up to Shelby’s condo parking lot. “Give me your keys, I’ll run up and get an umbrella and be right back down.”
She just looked at him like he was the dumbest man on earth. “Why, Rex? So I don’t get wet?”
Nodding in acknowledgment, he grinned. “Last one there has to make the coffee.”
Before she could even remind him that they already had coffee, he was running for the door. She swung out of the vehicle, laughing. “Hey, wait, no fair, you cheat.” Just as she caught up to him on the stairs, she pretended to stumble on her heels. He turned to help her when she gave him a quick shove against the railing. Running up the stairs as she got out her key, she got to the door first and opened it. When he finally got inside, they were both in hysterics like a couple of children who had just gotten finished playing the most exhilarating game of tag. Shelby was almost brought to tears, and she could barely catch her breath. Rex locked the door and walked up to her and started to shake his whole body like a dog. He was spraying water everywhere.

“Rex, stop it. Are you going to clean this up?” She tried to sound irritated, but she still was laughing.


Rex looked at her and stopped dead in his tracks. He halted his shaking from side to side and just stared at her. Her hair was falling out of the cute little twist she put it in, and curls were falling everywhere. Her face was wet and glowing with laughter. And her dress, my God, her dress was wet, completely soaked, and clinging to every curve of her magnificent body. Every instinct in him told him to stop what he was about to do. But he couldn’t stop. She was standing up against the living room wall looking so damn beautiful he was getting even more aroused than he was earlier that day in Jack’s office. Don’t do it, he told himself. Don’t ruin what you two have. Don’t give in to your desires, Rex. Just say good night and walk away.
“Rex? What’s wrong?” Shelby stopped laughing as she watched the way he was staring at her.
“Shh, don’t say anything.” He walked closer to her and brushed some stray curls out of her eyes. She was still just staring at him, but the way her eyes looked was making his pulse race.
“Rex, I–”
He cut her off, and leaned into her. , His lips were brushing against hers. It wasn’t even a kiss, but a gentle caress of his mouth. Slowly, he slid his tongue in between his teeth and swiped it across her bottom lip ever so delicately. It was such a tender and erotic sensation that he thought he would die from the sweetness of it.
He continued to gently brush his lips against hers, occasionally swiping his tongue across her lips. It seemed to go on forever before he took both of his hands and placed them on the sides of her neck and face, drawing their mouths closer together.
Rex took a shuddering breath and leaned his forehead against hers. His eyes were closed as she stared at him in shock. He suddenly opened his and stared deep into hers. Their color was usually a vivid blue, but right now, they seemed to shimmer with something else, something she couldn’t quite put into words.
“Shelby, oh, Shelby, please. For the love of God, kiss me back. Please.” He brushed his lips back against hers, and his tongue slowly started a seductive slide from side to side, encouraging her mouth to open and accept him.

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