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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Interview of Author Lily Harlem

Today it's my pleasure to present an interview of romance author Lily Harlem.

Latest Book: Dark Warrior
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Lily Harlem lives in the UK and is an award-winning, best-selling author of contemporary erotic romance. She writes for publishers on both sides of the Atlantic including Ellora's Cave, HarperCollins, Totally Bound, Xcite and Sweetmeats Press. She also self-publishes novels that range from emotionally charged erotic romance, to steamy ménage a trois and, with Natalie Dae, (Harlem Dae) writes dark BDSM that pushes all the boundaries.

One thing you can be sure of, whatever book you pick up by Ms Harlem, is it will be wildly romantic and down-and-dirty sexy so make sure you hang on tight for the ride!

Q: How did you celebrate publishing your first book?
A: It was actually on my birthday so I was already planning a party. The barbecue was lit, the wine was chilling and all my friends came round in their best frocks.

Q: Your novel is being made into a TV series/movie. Who’s in your dream cast?
A: Oh, great question! Dark Warrior is one of my Male/Male erotic romances (I also write Male/Female) and I’d need a handsome blond actor to play Dr Leo Rotherham, maybe Ryan Kwanten or similar, and a tall, dark studly guy like Jamie Foxx to play Kenyan warrior Malik.

Q: What’s your writing schedule like? Do you strive for a certain amount of words each day?
A: I wake up ready to write and often sit sipping tea and eating toast for an hour or so and pen my first words of the day. Then I go for a run, walk the dogs, do some chores. After that I settle for the afternoon and write more. I don’t have a set word count to do each day, it’s more a case of getting the stuff in my head down on paper so I can relax with Mr Harlem in the evening.

Q: What is the most important thing you do for your career now, as compared to when you first started writing?
A: I self-publish some of my work. I used to only want to see my stories with a publishing house, but now I’m confident enough to go it alone on some projects and luckily these books always do well. I’d never solely self-publish, I enjoy the relationship I have with my publishers too much and also the ‘shop window’ they provide, but there is something very rewarding about being responsible for a novel every step of the way and making all the decisions.

Q: How much of yourself is hidden in the characters in the book?
A: In Dark Warrior the leading characters is a doctor. Before I started writing I worked as a nurse, so I guess a lot of his medical dialogue and thoughts are straight from my own memories and knowledge.

Q: Of all your characters, who’s your favorite, and why?
A: I adore Kane Ward from In Expert Hands. He’s a gorgeous billionaire looking for the perfect female submissive and his cool, calm demeanor just heats me up, then when he loses control, at that exquisite moment of climax… Mmm yes, Kane Ward is a favorite. (His brother, Taylor Ward is just as yummy and has his own story in Sexy Just Got Rich.

Q: Do you eat comfort food/listen to music when writing?
A: I have to have silence when I write, music changes the mood in my head, if I’m listening to something happy when writing a scene of angst it would come out all wrong! As for eating, I tend to snack on dried fruit, the trouble is if I eat when I’m writing I barely taste the food, my concentration is on the screen. It would be a waste of chocolate!

Q: Give one advice tip to an aspiring author.
A: I can do better than that, I have a page on my website for new writers

Q: What genre would you like to try writing that you haven’t yet tried?
A: I’m still fairly new to paranormal, it took me a long time to dip my toe into the vampire and werewolf pond but I bit the bullet last year and wrote Bite Mark and Claw Mark. I think I’d maybe like to have a go at historical one day, but the thought of getting it all wrong gives me shivers!

Q: Out of your entire backlist, which book has the best opening line? What's the line?
A: Probably the first line of Breathe You In, my new What’s Her Secret novel. It sounds so sweet and romantic but very soon, within a few paragraphs, the moment is turned on its head and all is not as it seems.
First line:
Kisses as soft as kitten’s whiskers trickled down my back, fluttering, floating, spreading into the dip of my spine and onto the rise of my buttocks.

Fun Stuff:
Q: What is your favorite holiday and why?
A: Greece! I LOVE Greece. I went on a sailing holiday there a few years ago and had the time of my life. I’ve set a new story there, Toy Boy, which is out in May. The colors and the food and the sunshine is all beyond perfect.

Q: What are two things people might be surprised to know about you?
A: I’m pretty good at karate. I also hate marzipan with a passion.

Q: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A: A nurse, and I achieved that. It was a wonderful, rich experience and I met amazing people who I will never forget.

Q: Favorite food.
A: Sushi, can’t resist it!

Q: Favorite happy memory.
A: Seeing my husband for the first time and thinking what a handsome guy he was. Little did I know he’d be mine one day!

Q: Favorite drink.
A: White wine, cool and crisp on a sunny day and served in a long stemmed glass. I like the rim of the glass to be delicate and slim – fussy aren’t I!

Q: Hot summer days or chilly winter nights?
A: Summer, every time. I love my summer wardrobe and having the doors and windows flung open to the garden. We live in the countryside and the sounds of the birds and the smell of the flowers is wonderful.

Q: What is the top thing on your bucket list?
A: I want to go to Africa and immerse myself in the setting of Dark Warrior. Get up close and person with the plains and the animals and experience the wild. I’m a bit scared, to be honest, but I’ll give it a go if Mr H comes with me!

Q: If you could have a super power, what would it be?
A: To control time.

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While some passions live on the surface, others—wilder, darker passions—have to be kept buried deep.

Dr. Leo Rotherham is following his calling by working in rural Kenya for the charity Medics On Hand. While he expected a primitive way of life and limited medical supplies, what he doesn't bargain on is falling for handsome village warrior, Malik.

Malik is well respected, knowledgeable and loyal to his tribe. He's also beautiful, brave, modern and, much to Leo's dismay, married. Isn't he?

No, it turns out Malik is as free as the animals that roam the African plains at night.

Soon the tension is building between the two men and Leo isn't sure if he's coming or going. Whenever he's around Malik he can't help but notice the reflected look of lust in his eyes and feel the longing sizzling between them.

Malik stands too close, not close enough. Forbidden attraction simmers between them and the need grows to dizzying heights. But dare they admit to each other what it is they want? And are they brave enough to act on their desires and be honest about their lust? One thing is for sure, a passion this big, this powerful can't be contained and it's all going to explode in the most spectacular of ways.

EXCERPT: Adult Language Warning
“Like this.” Malik placed his hands on Leo’s shoulders and turned him to face the whitewashed wall. “More.” He gripped Leo’s wrists and spread his arms high and wide. “You have another sting beneath your arm. I need to cool your whole back.”

There was something about the dominant way Malik handled him, maneuvered him, that had Leo’s heart beating fast for another reason. He pressed his cheek against the cool wall and willed his cock not to fill. “How…how many stings are there?”

“About six,” Malik said, turning on the tap. “I think.”

Leo shut his eyes and stayed still, sacrificial like. He pressed his groin to the bricks and hoped he wouldn’t go to full hardness.

“Keep very still,” Malik whispered close to his ear. “This will be cold but it will help.”

“Ahh…” Leo gasped, gritting his teeth.

Malik had placed a large, cold wet towel over the length of his back.

As the chill spread over the painful bites, numbing them, Leo let out a sigh.

“Better?” Malik asked, his voice hushed and soothing.

“Yes. Thank you. Thank you very much.”

Malik’s hands were on his back, rubbing and smoothing the towel, as though helping it spread its coldness. His touch was firm yet gentle. Leo could feel each one of his strong fingers gliding over his body, from his waist to his armpits, the length of his spine and the base of his neck that was oh so sensitive to caresses.

He bit his bottom lip. Blood was rushing to his groin now. Any chance of not getting hard had gone.

“How is it feeling?” Malik asked.

“Better, but…” Leo squirmed as a nipping sensation caught on his left arse cheek.

“What? What is it?”

I think the little bastard got me on the buttock, too.”

“Let me see.”

“Well, no I…”

Leo gasped then froze as Malik’s hands slid around his waist and sought the button on his shorts. He could hear the other man breathing, long, slow inhalations right by his ear and exhalations that drifted down his neck.

Malik’s nimble fingers made short work of Leo’s shorts.

Leo prayed he wouldn’t skim his knuckles over his cock and discover his mounting arousal. It was shocking to be so infused with lust when he was being treated for hornet stings but he couldn’t help it. Flattened to the wall with Malik tending him was just too much of a wet dream, and now, now his shorts had gathered around his ankles. Thank goodness he’d worn boxers—at least he still had some barrier, though not much.

“This side?” Malik asked, pulling the waistband of Leo’s boxers so he could see down and examine his buttocks.

Leo clenched his bum cheeks. He screwed his eyes tighter, his cock throbbed, his arse stung. “Yes,” he said quietly. “That one.”

“Mmm, I can see it. Nasty.” Malik tugged the towel so that a wet corner landed over the lowest sting, instantly taking the heat away.

Leo’s heart was trip-trapping. He curled his hands into fists and locked his knees. Malik stood close, so close, crowding him yet calming him with his gentle movements.

I will wet this again,” Malik removed the towel.

“Okay. Thank you,” Leo said, surrendering to his treatment. He concentrated on the pulse in his cock. It was thudding, trapped between his belly and the brickwork.

Malik was back, so was the towel. This time it covered a large section of his arse. Again, Malik smoothed it over his skin. Finally, each sting was reducing in heat and becoming more bearable.

Leo held his breath.

Malik skimmed his hand over Leo’s buttocks, pressing the towel along the crack of his cheeks. It was almost like he was exploring Leo’s shape and contours. Familiarizing himself with the curve of his body and the lower dips of his back.

As he moved his attention up to his shoulders again, Leo let out a breath. Desire tugged at his belly, arousal seared through his veins. He’d happily bend over and be fucked senseless right now but he knew that wasn’t going to happen. It couldn’t. Malik wasn’t gay, and Leo wasn’t about to admit to being gay.

Anything else you’d like to add?
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Cara Marsi said...

Nice to meet you, Lily. I enjoyed your interview and your excerpt. Wow, the excerpt is hot!!

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Wonderful interview. I'm glad to get to know you better. Congrats on your many wonderful releases.

Judy Baker said...

Hi Lily, I'm happy to meet you. I enjoyed getting to know you through your interview. Sounds like you've had great success in your writing career.

jean hart stewart said...

Great excerpt. It's nice to know more about you, although I've admired your writing before. Best of luck always..

Paris said...

Hi Lily,

Thanks for stopping by today and leaving us with such a wonderful interview and sexy excerpt! I love a romantic M/M story and Dark Warrior sounds very intriguing.

Lily Harlem said...

Thank you all for your kind words. It was fun to be invited to Romance Books 4 Us :)

Lily x

Anonymous said...

Great interview, sexy excerpt, sharing.

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Brilliant Interview!!

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