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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Totally naughty...ADULT...this is not a child's tea party...

We are supposed to give an excerpt about a sexy meal for two lovers...and I have one, but if you don't enjoy erotic, this is not for you...
Excerpt from
Copyright 2015
Fran Lee

It was amazing how it made her hot all over as she placed bits of food on strategic parts of his anatomy, watching his muscles flex when she touched something ultra sensitive. He was sprawled in the center of her kitchen table, stark naked, and she gave a moan of enjoyment as she bent over him to lick a bit of spiced chicken and red pepper from his right nipple, chewing slowly as she sucked on the erect bump. Her teeth scraped his nipple a couple of times and he inhaled sharply, making the square of waffle topple off his cock.

She loved the way he trembled and shuddered each time she nibbled a morsel from his abs, his thigh, his throat. She picked each morsel at random, but left the waffle and cream that decorated his stiff shaft until last.

When she slid between his thighs, he gave a groan of anticipation, and when she took the bit of waffle off his shaft, he lifted his ass from the table. “Please, you’re killing me.” His voice was thick with need.

“Patience,” she whispered and licked the line of raspberry cream off the heavy vein that ran the length of his cock from base to swollen crown. As her mouth closed over the cherry at the tip of his aching cock, he caught the back of her head and pressed his cock deeper into her mouth. “Sweet Jesus, Lee. Yes.”
He arched and she took him in until the cherry went down her throat with a slow swallow. The taste of pre-cum was salty and sharp as she began to devour him in earnest, sucking and stroking as he begged her to take him deeper. He trembled like a leaf as she gently squeezed his balls, and when he burst in her mouth, he gave an exultant cry of pleasure as he cupped her face with his trembling hands and stared down into her eyes as she took every drop he had to give her. When his body had ceased shaking, he dragged her up to kiss her, and whispered hoarsely against her lips, “My turn…”

She lay on the table, arms and legs splayed wide as he prepared her for his own feast. He covered each turgid nipple with curry sauce and balanced a canapĂ© on top. He gently painted a line of whipped cream over her anus and labia and placed a dollop of cream with a cherry over her clit. But when he pressed a chilled spoonful of cream into her pussy, she almost came right there. Food was placed strategically on her ribs, her newly shaved mons and her throat, and when he was ready, he said roughly, “I am really going to love eating you.”

His mouth and tongue teased and tantalized as he nibbled each morsel. He started with the canapés on her mons and navel and shifted to the ones on her throat. Her body shivered and trembled with each gentle nip, with each swirl of his tongue. Her nipples ached to be touched as he nibbled the savory chicken off the top of each little pile of curry sauce, and then his mouth closed over the first nipple and she almost lost it. He spent a great deal of time devouring the delicacies on each breast, and she was almost a mental and physical wreck by the time he cleaned the last of the sauce from her throbbing nipples.

He moved between her legs and whispered huskily, “Time for dessert.”

His tongue snaked over the cream that he had decorated her inner thighs with. Her hips kept lifting from the table and he kept pressing her back down as he murmured, “Patience…”

He licked the line of dripping raspberry cream from her anal rosette and swollen labia, and then spread her gently with his thumbs as he settled onto his knees and hooked her legs over his shoulders. “Ready for this?” he growled against her pussy, and then he was slowly dipping his tongue inside to taste the delicious combination of raspberry and woman, his tongue probing to reclaim the delicious sweetness that he had buried inside her.

“Oh my God,” she cried as his tongue dragged over her raspberry-flavored labia and he found the cherry over her clit, sucking it up and settling in to suck the tight little bud of nerves, his fingers invading her pussy to massage and tease her vaginal walls as he devoured her with little growls of pleasure.

The orgasm began deep in her belly and radiated outward to every nerve in her shuddering body, bringing her hips up and her back into an arch as she bit the back of her wrist to keep her screams of ecstasy from echoing all the way to the police station. The last thing she wanted or needed was to have Sam rush into the house to see who was murdering her.

He fed her orgasm to a fever pitch and gently kept up just enough pressure and suction to keep her peaking for several delicious minutes before he gave her a final heated lick and rose over her prostrate form to stare down into her glazed eyes. “I want to finish this right. You game?”

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Hugs! and I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Fran Lee


Tina Donahue said...

Wow - hot! Loved it, Fran :)

jean hart stewart said...

Whew---gotta go open a window or two. Love, loved it, Fran!

Sandy said...

Whoa! Really hot! Fanning myself!

Melissa Keir said...

Fabulous...I now have a hankering for some waffles! :)

Cara Marsi said...

Wow! That is hot! Really enjoyed it. Now, I'm hungry.

Rose Anderson said...

Whew that was smokin'. Waffles! :)

Fran Lee said...

Thanks, ladies. Glad you enjoyed it.

Marianne Stephens said...

Panting...very hot scene. Eating can be so-o-o much fun and lead to great foreplay and sex!

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