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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Quick Meal Can Lead to Romance

Happy Valentine's Day from Marianne Stephens: a quick meal, many uses of honey, and romance!

Not all romantic meals have to be in restaurants or in homes with candles, sweet aromas and soft music to add ambiance.

In my book Gone to the Dogs, Katie and Mike find tantalizing simple foods can lead to lust and desire. And, honey can be a wonderful choice added to foods or for creating ways to entice imaginative foreplay.

Watching each other eat can be seductive, such as the licking of lips. Visual images created by reading dining scenes will grab readers' attention as lovers embark on romantic encounters.

Section One from the book:
I followed him to his apartment complex, a quaint grouping of townhomes not far from where we lived. We parked our cars and walked to his door. “We’ll need to eat something so come make a sandwich. We’ll talk about Percy in the kitchen.” Mike kept his tone businesslike as he led the way.

Kitchen. Good choice. I could still be horny in there but would channel my energy into thinking about eating and drinking while we discussed Percy. I just needed to get past the vision of ripping off his clothes and having him take me on the kitchen table.

“I hope you like Cabernet.” Mike asked his question as he handed me a glass and then turned to retrieve lunchmeats and cheeses from the refrigerator. “I have chicken, ham and Swiss cheese for sandwiches. Do you want mustard?”

I steadied my breathing. “Cabernet’s fine. Chicken, Swiss and do you have honey?”

He gave me a surprised look and asked, “Honey? Can’t say I’ve ever used it on a sandwich but I do have some.”

I licked my lips as I always did when anticipating the sweet smooth gooey stuff rolling on the roof of my mouth before sliding down my throat. “It’s really wonderful. You should try it.”

Mike laughed. “I think I’ll stick to mustard.”

The seductress lurking deep down in my psyche just had to add, “Honey’s really wonderful stuff. Smooth, sweet and can add a tingly feeling when rubbed, I mean spread, on the right places then licked off.”

Not very subtle but we had to be beyond that point by now. Weren’t we both cresting on that wave heading to the shore of gluing our bodies together for mutual pleasure?

The man went speechless. Once again I’d said or done something and caught him by surprise. The burning look of desire in his eyes spoke volumes even if he hadn’t uttered a word. I couldn’t help but notice the catch in his breathing as the full impact of what I’d suggestively implied sank in.

“I think,” he finally responded, “we’d better eat quickly and discuss Percy’s escape as soon as possible. Now that you’ve got my imagination stirred with the many uses of honey make sure you save some for later.” He handed me the jar of the sugary stuff and added, “Leave enough for two.”

I licked my lips again and grabbed the jar as my pulse danced a rapid tattoo in my body and blood flowed fast enough to warm me all over. Before spreading honey on my sandwich I stuck my finger in the jar and raised the coated digit to my mouth. Mike’s eyes never strayed from watching me wiggle my tongue all over the honey and lick my finger clean.

I was now panting like mad and so was he. With what had to be his last ounce of restraint he blurted out, “Make the damn sandwich and let’s eat. Please.”

I took the hint and decided to behave myself for a little while longer. “Whatever you say.” I chugged my glass of Cabernet. “Can I have more wine?” My legs wobbled slightly even as I fought to control the impulse to plaster myself to him.

I never realized how making sandwiches could evolve into such a tantalizing form of foreplay and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

Section Two:
Watching Mike chew and swallow got my wild imagination churning again just like when I’d watched him drink his beer. My eyes riveted on his Adam’s apple and I gazed in a transfixed stupor as it bobbed up and down. I tried hard not to forget what we had to do before I could run my fingers along his skin there and everywhere else on his body.

Section Three:
Mike got up and put his arms around me. The wonderful heady aroma of his cologne comforted me. His heartbeat rhythm matched mine. We were bonding as one and I didn’t want to let go.

“Maybe we should call someone and tell them what’s going on with you. You could be in danger and I—”

I slid my body up his and kissed him. I pulled my head back and placed my finger over his lips. “No. No more talking. I don’t want to discuss Percy, tires, dips, or anything at all.” I eased my body along his again and brushed my lips over his. “Where’s the honey?”

Mike didn’t need any more encouragement. He nibbled my lips as his hands cupped my bottom. “Honey’s still on the counter. Let’s get it and head somewhere more comfortable.”

We grabbed our wineglasses and the honey jar and shed our shoes as we strolled to his bedroom.

So, whatever romantic meal you plan for Valentine's Day, enjoy the outcome! It can be a quick, tantalizing meal or special romantic dinner for two at home or some wonderful restaurant. You decide what suits your desire!

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Tina Donahue said...

Loved your excerpt, Marianne. Happy V-Day! :)

Melissa Keir said...

Great excerpts! I love the spontaneous romance as much as the planned ones. Thanks for sharing!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Cara Marsi said...

Great excerpt. Loved it. Happy Valentine's Day!

jean hart stewart said...

Ummm, luscious! Thanks for giving us a taste of the book. Pun intended!

Gemma Juliana said...

Another great reason to buy honey! Happy Valentine's Day, Marianne, with your honey of a hubby!

Marianne Stephens said...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Sandy said...

Sorry, I couldn't get here for the last couple of days. The captcha gave me a fit.

I've read this story, and it's great. I just didn't remember it being so hot. lol

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