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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Need a "Road Map" to Find Love?

For this blog, forget Internet/gadgets that now "tell" you how to get where you're going.

Remember when we used road maps to find our way?

If you read a road map "back then", you would find your way somewhere. Isn't the journey to LOVE kinda like that? Don't you have to follow a "path", go in a certain "direction", to find true love?

Romance books use a road map/path/directions to get their heroines to their heroes. It's called a PLOT...and it's never an easy journey. There are always bumps in the road, detours, obstacles, slowdowns, wrong turns...just as you might find if following a map to some unknown destination.

Usually, you manage to find your way...just as our heroines manage to find that "happily-ever-after" ending despite all the setbacks. Flat tire? Run out of gas? Or, Hero's ex-wife shows up to create havoc? Heroine thinks hero is cheating on her? All detours of some type. A road map may not be able to help sometimes, but a crafty plot written to guarantee happiness can set the hero and heroine back on course to romance and love. 

Why don't we send our heroes and heroines on a fantasy journey using a road map and find "LOVE"?

How many cities in the United States are called "Love"? I did some searching on the Internet and here's some that I found:

Love, AZ
Love, IL
Love, KY
Love, MS
Love, TX
Love, VA

Variations for the word "Love" in cities around the country:

Lovers Leap, CA (tragic idea!)
Lover, PA
Love Canal, NY (not very appealing)
Loving, GA
Love Hill, AL
Loving, KY
Lovejoy, GA

Loveladies, NJ

Lovelady, NC

Loveland, CO
Love Lady, TN

Love Lake, MO

Lovely, KY

Loveless, AL (sad!)

Love Point, MD
Loveland Park, OH
Loveville, MD
Loves Corner, IL
Loveville, TN
Loves Park, IL

Most of those sound like interesting places to check they live up to their names? Does "LOVE" define each city and hold some type of special magic for those seeking romance? Maybe I should have checked city names that have "things" to do with love and romance.

I actually did find a couple that might interest you. How about Horneytown, NC? Or, Romance, AK?

And then there's my favorite, Intercourse, PA. I've actually been to Intercourse more than once. Quaint little Amish city...mostly a tourist spot. Will you put that on your list of places to visit?
Story idea: What if I have my heroine visit cities with "Love" in their names, and looks for "Mr. Right"?

Hmm...sounds like a good idea!

Photos: Flickr: Andii, Amanda "Bake It Pretty", lorigami's photostreams.
Also: Mapquest: Intercourse, PA


Fran Lee said...

Oh, darlin', I LOVE this post! Lovely! I think everyone will love it.

Tina Donahue said...

What a great post, Marianne! :)

Sandy said...

LOL I love it, too, Marianne.

Melodie Campbell said...

Wonderful post, Marianne! And may I Newfoundland, we have some names that you would 'love'. :)
The town of Dildo lies on the banks of Conception Bay.
Okay, I'll stop now.

Sandy said...

LOVED the great post. Thanks.

Melissa Keir said...

What a lovely post! I can't believe that there's so many places named LOVE but it would be a great story! I do know of a golfer with the last name of Love and I think Davis Love III found his own love. He certainly loves golf! <3

Thanks for sharing!!

Paris said...

What a great post! I immediately thought of a title suggestion; Loveless Al:) I think the concept for your stories sounds fun!

Molly Daniels said...

LOL...Indiana has no 'love' anywhere!

I think your idea is fantastic:)

@Melody: Thanks for the morning belly laugh!

Cara Marsi said...

Great post. Love the idea of a love map. For one of my books I made up a city at the Jersey Shore called Loving. Didn't know there are cities with that name. I've been to Intercourse, PA, many times. Also been to Bird in Hand,PA which is near Intercourse. Thanks for an entertaining post.

Janice Seagraves said...

Love, love this post and the photos too.



Lynda Bailey said...

I concur this post is too cute! Super clever - well done!

jean hart stewart said...

Had to laugh at the town called Intercourse...Don't you feel sorry for the folks who live there.

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