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Monday, September 15, 2014

Had my blog all ready, then forgot to post it!

New Release!
Has been sitting between #4 and #8 for the past three weeks
on  Amazon!

And today it just dropped to #10...oh, well.  It was fun to watch the numbers for awhile. :)
Most of you have access to my own blog, so you may have read my excerpt, but for those who have not gone over to peek, here it is again:

copyright 2014

Fran Lee

Adult content

“I want to go back to Seattle. I have my job, and my apartment. Everything I own in the world is there, and you must know that I can’t stay here indefinitely, Gant.” She paced the office with arms crossed defensively over her chest, frowning at the eldest brother. He continued to add figures to the accounting program on his laptop, one dark brow lifting to tell her he’d heard every word. “You are the alpha of the Dumont Pack…it’s up to you. Whoever locked my damn car in the barn needs to let me take it and go home. You can’t keep me a prisoner here.”

She watched as he finished his work. As gorgeous as the man was, her irritation over being forced to stay made her far less appreciative of his attractiveness. When he closed the laptop and leaned back in his leather chair, his fingers laced over his taut abs in that tight tank-top, she swallowed nervously. “Please let me go.” She turned and stared out the tall windows at the lake.

“What part of being our mate escaped that sharp mind of yours, sweetness? It’s a done deal. Your job is unnecessary since you have enough money to live on for the next century or more. Dune and Mace have gone to Seattle to clear out your apartment and put anything you won’t need in storage. Clothes and personals are being shipped here as we speak. This IS your home.”

Spinning to stare incredulously at him, she started to shout that he had absolutely no right to do any such thing. But he was no longer seated behind the huge desk. Her nose was practically touching that mouthwatering chest, and his body heat washed over her as she took a quick step back and was brought up short when lean hands caught her hips and dragged her gently back.

“Damn you, Gant! You had no right…” she gasped, but his mouth cut off her tirade as he licked the seam of her lips and swung her from her feet into his arms while he tongue-fucked her mouth until she could barely breathe. 

“The others aren’t here, but I can calm that temper without them. I wouldn’t mind having you tonight, little one. Unless you tell me you don’t want me, you’re mine for the night.” His nearly black eyes held her gaze, and for the damn life of her, Kenna could not look away. Her belly clenched at the heat of his stare as he carried her out of the room and up the stairs to the master bedroom
“Nothing to say, sweet thing?” His voice was a rumble beneath her ear.  “Good, ‘cuz I’m going to strip you bare, tie you to the bed, and fuck you for the rest of the night…like that idea?”

Kenna was literally drowning in the wash of Gant’s heady pheromones. Her pussy was clenching and slick, and the things he said were going to bring her to a massive orgasm without him even being inside her. The anger and outrage were forgotten as she wrapped her arms around his neck and returned his heated kiss.

The hope that Gant might relent where the two younger brothers refused to even consider letting her go had been fleeting. He might be older than them, but his libido was just as strong, and among the three brothers, all it took was a hot look…a deeply growled word…a hungry touch…and Kenna was a mass of horny female needs.

Damn. You are totally pathetic, girl.

When they were all in the house, all it took was one of them to start something, and all three of them were instantly ready to carry her to bed, dropping everything. Each brother was hot enough to melt her arguments, but all three together were deadly to a woman’s will power. Mace had been the one who was über possessive, usually starting the sex play. Oddly enough, the other two deferred to him in the bedroom. Gant usually was satisfied with having her mouth and hands on his big body, and Dune loved to take her ass while Mace fucked her enthusiastically, so having Gant take her to bed alone was going to be totally amazing.

This is my first book length Indie publication.  The others were just short-shorts, totally tongue-in-cheek.  But this one is hot-hot...with a menage a quatre.  I've always loved shifters, and this was a first in several ways for first self-pubbed first menage a quatre. It's still only 99 cents through midnight tonight...


Fran Lee


Fran Lee said...

Gee, posted late and nobody checked you out. Next time You'll know better, won't you?

Bad Fran! Bad!

Melissa Keir said...

Wow... what a hot cover and excerpt!

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