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Thursday, January 2, 2014



My name is Cynthia Arsuaga, and I’m an erotic romance author and write many different genres. Yep, as if you didn’t know that already. I’ve been one of the 20 Gold Members on RB4U for several years and to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never given an interview. Bad Cynthia. So to start 2014 off, I’ll answer a few questions and tell a little about me. I’ll also give a synopsis and excerpt from my latest release, The Misadventures of Dick Grewcock. The story started out as a serial with novellas, but last year I decided to finish the serial and compile the “adventures” into one book. Dick released December 24th which was apropos considering the story begins on Christmas Eve. Perfect timing.

So sit back and enjoy today’s post.

Latest Book: The Misadventures of Dick Grewcock
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Dick Grewcock is a computer geek wanting more out of life. Yearning for a girlfriend, he takes steps to make his dream come true. Vampires are handsome, powerful, and have women falling over them—everything he’s not. Becoming one wasn’t an easy task and he had to find a real vampire willing to turn him.

Christmas Eve, he begins an impossible mission for his boss. Before he starts, a cute spitfire woman just as geeky as him walks into Vampires ‘R Us and life changes. He could have everything he wanted—a pretty girlfriend and a great job—if he could just convince her.

Noelle St. Nicholas is on a mission to save her home and won’t take no for an answer. The only one who can help her is Dick, the nerd staring at her and looking really weird.


“You’re correct, Mister Grewcock. May I call you Dick by the way? Mister Grewcock seems so formal when we are brothers of a kind. Don’t you agree?”
“Yeah, fine. You can call me Dick, but why am I required to call you Master Vlad?”
A slight, brief chuckle escaped the thin, red lacquered lips. “Out of respect since I am your sire. I sucked life into you, Dick.”
“Yeah, I guess, but the Master thing is weird and doesn’t seem fair.”
“Now, now, Dick, bear up. We’re still friends, right? If you are uncomfortable, call me Vlad or Andreaus. I’d even be okay with Andy. Sounds more modern. I can accept any of those salutations. Depends on my mood. Actually, I think Master Vlad still reflects the real me—more in control, dominant, a manly vampire’s name.” Vlad’s voice deepened the more he spoke.
“Oh whatever. I’ll call you Vlad.” Dick softly harrumphed and slumped in the chair. “My complaint. Can we discuss me now?”
“Yes, of course.” The Master rustled through a few pieces of paper. “Let’s see, the paperwork states you transitioned on Halloween night. Everything proceeded without a hitch.” He glanced up from the papers, then continued, “A glorious night All Hallows Eve. I love the holiday. A majority of humans assume the identities of creatures of the night. At least they think they are.” He chuckled, flicking his hands in the air a few times. “Such revelry and debauchery. Yes, I believe Halloween is my favorite time of the year.”
“Excuse me, but we’re a little off subject again. Can we talk about my problems, please?”
“Oh yes, sorry. I get carried away sometimes. Where was I? Oh yes, tell me what aspects of your new life are you having difficulties with, Dick.”
“How ‘bout I start with this?” Dick closed his eyes, tensed his body, opened his mouth, and fangs dropped down. They were over an inch in length, and he stretched his lips wide to accommodate the size. The tips barely punctured his lower lip, drawing a small amount of blood. “Ouch.”
“Oh my, what big teeth we have, grandma.”
“That’s not thunny. I canth talk wight. These dan teets get in the way. I sound like a horon. I has to oken eye outh so wide each tine, eye jaw hurts like health. I ite eye ottom lis erery tine.”
“Hmm, I understand, sort of.” Master Vlad waved his hand in the air and said, “I can have this little problem fixed in no time. Really, this is not a big deal. I’ll set you up with the corporate dentist, and he can repair the minor inconvenience you’re having.” He jotted something down on paper and returned attention back to Dick. “Why don’t you retract your teeth so I can understand you better? With the dental problem resolved, what else is bothering you, Dick?”
In a blur, the fangs retracted into his gums. He reached into a jacket pocket and pulled out the VRU pamphlet. “Okay, it says here, ‘becoming a vampire is an opportunity to develop into a better you in every way. You stop aging and gain enhanced looks.” He winked. “You become one of the Beautiful People.” Dick glanced up from the pamphlet and stared at his sire. “Hello? Look at me. What the hell are these red circles around my eyes? And what’s up with the pasty-white color over my entire body? I resemble one of those Kabuki actors on his last leg. I’m fairly certain no kimono or red lipstick will help.”
“Oh, Dick, don’t be silly. You’re a good-looking vampire, and you should try Blood Red by Maybelline. The long-lasting blend which lasts all night is what I find works best. Doesn’t smudge or rub off when you bite hard. I have the same shade on tonight.” He smacked his lips. “By the way, speaking of actors, can you sing and dance? If so, I got a memo today from one of my clients looking to hire at both Disney World and Universal Studios, a great opportunity.” He leaned over the wooden desk and lowered his voice. “You know when you work for either company, you get discounts. Oh, such fun. I’m a little kid all over again when I visit the parks. I especially enjoy the fireworks display during special events or the electric parade. Have you been to their night shows yet?”
Dick rolled his eyes. “Uh, no. Can we get back on subject here?”
“Oh sorry, I get excited about amusement parks. Okay, where were we? Oh yes, your pasty-colored skin. Are you feeding enough on whole blood, and not the synthetic shit blood pushers sell on the corner streets?”
“Yeah, I followed the protocol, exactly as you said in the manual and even have a couple bottles of the blood soda to supplement, but I still look like death warmed over. I’m not the virile, good-looking stud the literature promises. This guy here in the company’s pamphlet is handsome and built. Do I look anything resembling him? No!” Dick held up the brochure and pointed to a picture on the cover.
“Seriously, Dick? Xavier is a professional actor for all our promotional ads. Yes, he’s a vampire, but he was a top model before he turned. Of course, he’s going to remain the handsome, gorgeous man he was in human form. Considering your interest in being a lawyer, I’m surprised you didn’t read the small print. Dick, Dick, Dick, the first rule of contractual law—Read the small print.” Vlad’s voice raised an octave.
“What? You’re lecturing me. What is this caveat emptor lessons? False advertising, that’s what this is, and no amount of buyer beware posting flushes in my toilet. How many other suckers did you rip off? I should report you to the Better Business Bureau.”
“Suckers? Oh real funny. Good one.” The Master leaned back in his chair and held his stomach, laughing almost hysterically.

Now that you got to see my writing, now a little interview.  

First, my official bio. Okay my picture is one of those Glamour Shots with a bit of airbrushing, but hey I indulged for hubby.

Cynthia resides in Orlando, Florida, the land of magic, surrounded by the treasured gems in her life, a caring, loving husband, dutiful and loyal daughter, and precious, delightful granddaughter. Oh and not to forget her mischievous Yorkshire Terrier, Thumper.

Cynthia was a “Navy Brat” calling a different port home every couple of years—from Southern California, to Boston, to Virginia, to Florida and many other places in-between. She developed wandering feet and diverse interests which she passionately incorporates those experiences into her stories, bringing characters to life, and eloquently sharing the vivid images of her mind with her audience.

Cynthia worked as a real estate broker for over twenty years before retiring to Florida. Several years ago, she turned to writing to stretch her creative muscles. Those ideas of faraway places and quirky characters lay dormant for years and finally demanded their stories be told. Currently she has three vampire series, Born Vampire, Forces of Beauty and a serial comedy named The Misadventures of Dick Grewcock. She’s also written a science fiction/fantasy, several contemporary romances, as well as a paranormal she co-authored with her husband, Mike. The Shifter Tales is a story of an unusual shape shifter who is a private investigator and leads a rather interesting life because he has the ability to shift into an eight pound Yorkshire terrier. That’s right, strange as it sounds, but it works quite remarkably. Rave reviews from professional review sites as well as readers have given the story glowing praise. Currently, Mike and Cynthia have adapted the first story into a screenplay for a feature film or possibly a television series and pitching to several production companies.

Cynthia plans on putting some mileage on those wandering feet and travel to exotic locations in the coming years. So look for the journeys to be expressed in Romantic Words by Cynthia in the future.

And that oh so necessary Author Interview:

How did you celebrate publishing your first book?
Went to dinner with husband.

How much of yourself is hidden in the characters in the book?
     All of me with some embellishment.

Of all your characters, who’s your favorite, and why?
     That’s hard because I love all my characters. I truly do. They’re like my children. How can you have a favorite when they are all special in their own ways?

If you could change something about your first book, what would it be?

    I’d rewrite the majority of it. Really. I’ve come a long way in my writing since I wrote it. I’d polish it up for sure.

Do you eat comfort food/listen to music when writing?

    Listen to music especially late night. Smooth Jazz all the way, nothing rock.

How do you choose names for your characters?

    I collect names wherever I go. Best place is the shoe department of any store. They name the shoes. Strange, but true. Men’s too.

If you could give a younger version of yourself advice, what would it be?

    Start writing sooner. Don’t wait until you’re 50+.

What genre would you like to try writing that you haven’t yet tried?

    Science Fiction.

Out of your entire backlist, which book has the best opening line? What's the line?

    A Vampire in Paris

    The night of New Years’ Eve revelry consisted of walking along the promenade on the Thames River, watching fireworks and trolling for human prey.

How many stories are swirling around in your head? Do you keep a mental list, a computer file, or a spiral notebook filled with the ideas?

    Too many, that’s for sure. I’ll have to live to 100 to write them. I keep a computer file and a notebook. A mental list too, but those ideas get lost a lot. If they stick around and begin to expand, I’ll write them down otherwise they are lost.

Fun Stuff:

What is your favorite holiday and why? 

   Valentine’s Day because husband and I celebrate as our first date.

What are two things people might be surprised to know about you? 

   One, I have a warped sense of humor and love slapstick. Two, I believe in reincarnation.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

   An astronaut, the first woman astronaut actually. I believed I came from the stars.

Favorite food.

   Tough one because I love a number of things. A good steak?

Favorite happy memory.

   Birth of daughter. I cried I was so happy.

Favorite drink. 

   Barq’s Root Beer.

Hot summer days or chilly winter nights? 

   Hot summer days that’s why moved to Florida. Hate the cold.

What is the top thing on your bucket list? 

   Cruise down the Nile River.

If you could have a super power, what would it be? 

   Time travel.

Where to find me:

Anything else you’d like to add?

   Just the RB4U Contest going on. As one of the 20 Member Authors I will give away one size XL RB4U tee-shirt to someone who comments. So, ask a question or leave a comment and I’ll dry the name tomorrow. Good Luck!

Until next month . . .

Cynthia Arsuaga


Tina Donahue said...

Great interview, Cynthia.

Had to smile at the astronaut answer. I wanted to be one too until I realized I was very bad at math.

Ah well...least I can write about them if I want. :)

Happy New Year!

Sandy said...

I loved your excerpt, Cynthia. I couldn't help laughing when the vampire had his fangs out while talking to his master. I can remember our grandchildren talking like that.

You'll love the cruise down the Nile! At the time I went they always had a tour guide from the University on the cruise. Very, very informative. They knew their history well. I don't know if they still do that or not.

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Funny Tina. I was good at math and science, guess still am actually, but my eyes aren't so good. Plus when I became a teenager, well interests changed. :)

Sandy, one day. I love studying ancient Egypt, from as early as I can remember as a child, I've wanted to go there. Something is calling me.

Rose Anderson said...

Cute interview Cynthia. Love your sense of humor. :)

Paris said...

Great interview, Cynthia! Keep us posted on how that screenplay adventure is going:)

Melissa Keir said...

Love the interview. It's fun to get to know you better. I'm glad you put the serial book together. I think that makes wonderful sense. I wish you many sales with it. Who can't fall for a geeky vampire!

Karen H in NC said...

Loved the interview. I've never read your work, but I got a giant kick out of the excerpt. Sounds like a h*ll of a lot of fun! But Dick Grewcock? Seriously? How did you ever dream up that name? I can't stop laughing.

kareninnc at gmail dot com

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