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Monday, September 9, 2013

BFF ... Forever and Ever?

Most of us had at least one BFF … best friend forever. Judy is mine. We were neighbors when I was just a little sprig of a thing and we did everything together, even our toothless first day of kindergarten. She was always there. And even when I moved an hour away in second grade, we continued to stay overnight at each other’s houses now and again. We wrote letters and sent little gifts through the mail even through high school. We lost touch in college and into our young adult lives, but thanks to the modern world of social media, we’ve actually reconnected.  

I still have fond memories of all the secrets we confided and the laughs we shared. If I saw her in person tomorrow I have no doubt we could sit down at Starbucks and talk for hours about everything that’s gone on in our lives. The friends I made in college *mumble grumble* years ago would be the same. They’ve all taken a fraction of my heart with them and reuniting is like having a piece of me come home again. Warm and comfortable.

So it’s no wonder one of my favorite relationships in a romance is the friend to lover. I especially enjoy the relationships where they have no idea how much their hearts have intertwined until that one moment their eyes meet and BOOM! the fireworks explode.  

My erotic romance, MAID FOR MASTER, a BDSM novella is based on this premise. Only in this case one of them is already hopelessly in love … 

When lust and deception collide, will her complete submission be enough to bind their hearts?

Treat herself to a carnal weekend at the hedonistic retreat, XTC Resorts? That’s not something Claire Calderwood, a three-time loser in the relationship department would ordinarily do. But at forty-one, having a successful cleaning business is no longer enough. She wants a chance to let go of all responsibility, submit to a stranger’s sexual demands and satisfy her darkest fantasies. 

Jonathon Brierton has known his best friend’s sister long enough to recognize her submissive nature. He would like nothing more than to have Claire bound naked and at the mercy of his flogger as he teaches her the sensual art of obeying her Master. At thirty-something, he’s a successful real estate developer, owner of a BDSM resort—and hopelessly in love with the older woman. 

When Claire follows him to his resort, Jonathon is certain he can keep his identity secret long enough to convince her that being restrained in his stocks is something that will satisfy them both. But lies, deceit and broken hearts may not be so easy to overcome. 

Jon pulled his gaze from Claire. There was no sense torturing himself. It would be a half-hour or more before the Doms and subs in the open arena below would finish playing out their scenes. Their interactions were intense, and he had no doubt the private rooms one floor below would be filled with eager players following the show. He intended to be in one of them with Claire. He had the room already reserved and set up for her. Until then, he needed to bide his time. “And there is the small detail of her not knowing exactly who I am,” Jon added quietly. 

Ethan stared at him, the questions etched in the deep V between his manicured brows. “I’m pretty sure she mentioned you were on vacation together.”

Jon lifted his glass of tonic water, the ice long melted. “Correction, she booked a vacation to Paradise Cove with her fiancé.” He gulped the last of the tepid drink but couldn’t dislodge the lump of guilt clogging his throat. “The man conveniently broke off the engagement at the last minute and cancelled his trip. I slipped in, managed to convince her to keep her plans and allow me to tag along.” He set the glass down. “But Claire believes she’s here with Jonathon Brierton. She knows nothing of Master Xavier.” 

Ethan fell back in his chair, his baritone laughter rolling in rhythm with the pounding beat of the background music. “That would explain the whole ‘pretend the boss isn’t here’ charade you’re trying to pull off this weekend.” 

Their easy friendship relaxed the knot in Jon’s shoulders. “It didn’t occur to you I might actually just want a vacation?” 

“At one of your own fetish resorts? Hardly.” Ethan scoffed. 

A submissive on staff delivered beverages to their table and knelt obediently on the floor beside Ethan. Naked, save for the black leather circling her neck, wrist and ankles, and the silver-and-gem-studded chains hanging stylishly from her nipple and clitoral clips, the woman was a breathtaking vision in her docility. Normally the sight would have piqued the Dom clamoring inside Jonathon, but tonight there was only one submissive he ached to dominate.
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What about you? Did you have a very best friend? Are you still in contact with them?


Cara Marsi said...

Nina, I too have fond memories of my BFF from childhood. Sadly, we've lost touch. Your new book sounds terrific. Having read a few of your books I know what a good writer and storyteller you are.

Nina Pierce said...

Cara - I'm not even sure how the whole reconnect thing came about with my dear friend, but it's really fun to see pictures of her children and grandchildren.

I'm thinking one of these days the two of us are going to have to get together for coffee and do some serious catching-up.

(And I'm so glad you enjoy my stories. This series is one of my favorites.)

Nina Pierce said...
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Sandy said...

I have a friend whom I have kept in contact for over fifty years now. We call each other three or four times a year. She's a Canadian transplanted from the Mid-West.

Nina Pierce said...

Sandy, that sounds like so much fun. I have a couple of those friends that I only talk to now and again, but we pick right up where we dropped off.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Nina! I just love FB for how we can reconnect with old friends. And email is so much easier and faster than a letter. I'm not much of a phone person but have spent hours talking to a good friend and connecting on the like you are always here time. Good luck with the book!

Nina Pierce said...

I definitely think social media is wonderful for all the things you mentioned, Vicki. It's really nice to be able to reconnect and/or stay connected with good friends.

Melissa Keir said...

I love my best friend. We connected in High School and still chat away. I went to stay with her last year for a long weekend before she went in for surgery on her broken neck. We needed to connect again before it was too late. Thanks for reminding me to call her!

Nina Pierce said...

I feel fortunate that my best friends from high school became my family. (Sister-in-law and brother-in-law.) Nothing like flashing back to crazy times that happened *mumble grumble* years ago.

You're blessed to have such a lifelong friend, Melissa.

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