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Monday, July 29, 2013


Hi Everyone,

You're probably wondering why in the heck I'm writing about weather.  It is not because we have had lovely weather here this week, or that I'm starting to think about winter.  It is not because everyone talks about the weather either.

I'm writing about weather because it's a useful tool in a book as a setting.  Every novel I've written has a season.  I've used summer most of the time, but I've used fall and winter, too.  You can use weather as a setting or a character.  For instance, the movie, The Perfect Storm, the storm is a major character that is being battled.

There are many stories where the elements are used as a force or character to fight against.  In my novels, I tend to use them as settings.  I think it's very important to let your reader know the season.  If you the writer don't determine the season for your story you can't dress your characters in appropriate attire.

Would you want to dress your heroine in flipflops, capri's and a spaghetti strapped top in the winter?  Oh, I'm sure you can think of some scenario where this could happen, but you have to have an explanation for the character to be dressed like that.  Maybe, she left Florida driving across country and her car broke down.

For all of the aspiring writers out there I want you to know that weather can be used in your stories.  I bet most authors use description of the seasons in one or two of their books. 

Sandra K. Marshall


Tina Donahue said...

I loved The Perfect Storm. The scene where the boat is climbing that last wave and they know they're not going to make it was terrifying. What an awful way to go. I agree with you, Sandy, that weather is an important component to establishing place in a story. Sometimes it becomes the story.

Melissa Keir said...

I also believe that the weather and season evokes memories and emotions. Writers can use them to bring about more detail or to drag the reader into the story.

Rose Anderson said...

I'm currently writing a hurricane. Never done one before but I'm having fun with it.

jean hart stewart said...

My new book is set in New Orleans and everybody's very hot. In more than one way....Excellent point for a writer to remember.

Cara Marsi said...

I always use weather and the seasons in my stories, full novels and short stories. One of my books is set during a January nor'easter. Weather is almost a character in that story. You can use the scents of each season, and the way the trees and plants look.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Tina, Melissa, Rose, Jean and Cara for stopping by. I'm glad to see everyone makes use of the weather in their stories. Smile!

Paris said...

You're so right. I've utilized winter storms and steamy jungles in a couple of my books. Like Jean, my current WIP is set in New Orleans, lots of chances for steamy interaction:)

Sandy said...

LOL Love the steamy interaction, Paris. Thanks for coming by.

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