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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Merry Month of May


     My turn to blog was rapidly approaching, but I found myself devoid of ideas. Not a good thing for a writer. But there I was, high and dry of topics. Then I read a newsletter that included blog ideas for May. Eureka!
     The article wasn’t quite what I thought. Rather than blog topics, it listed May monthly observances. I picked out the ones I liked, then set about figuring how I could relate them to each other and to writing. So here goes:

     May is Creative Beginnings Month. That certainly relates to writing. We all need a great beginning, a hook that will reel in editors, agents, and readers, especially readers.

     May is National Salsa Month. Salsa is spicy and delicious--just like romance novels. A scrumptious opening hook whets our taste buds for the rest of the story.

     May is Sweet Vidalia Onion Month. Vidalia onions sweeten a salsa recipe. Sweet, tasty Vidalia onions enhance any recipe much as a passionate and sweet love story enhances any romance novel.

     May 27 is Cellophane Tape Day. Cellophane tape holds things together. Good writing, good characterization, and believable conflict will hold any story together, be it sweet or spicy, or a dash of both.

     May 30 is Hug Your Cat Day. I love cats. Most writers own cats. Every day should be Hug Your Cat Day.

     I’ll end on that note as I go off in search of Killer, my sweet black diva of a cat, to give her a big hug.



Melissa Keir said...

Thank you for sharing some special things about May other than the big two holidays. We might overlook them in such a busy month!

Tina Donahue said...

Aw, what an adorable cat. Great blog! :)

Paris said...

Thanks for sharing the observances and your adorable cat. Give her a big hug:)

Sandy said...

LOL What a cute post, Cara. I love cats, and Killer is black, which one of our cat's color.


I love this, Cara, especially salsa day (I have a terrific and easy peach salsa recipe) and hug your cat day (my sweetie is 20!). Killer is adorable. Hugs

Cara Marsi said...

Thanks, Melissa, Tina, Paris, Sandy and Vicki. Killer is a sweetheart. She's overweight, but says she's merely large-boned. She's afraid of everything which is why my son named her Killer.

I love salsa day too because I love salsa, all kinds of salsa, the hotter the better.

jean hart stewart said...

Who knew May was so much? cute blog....

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought a month that I've always considered pretty great because of the flowers, my Mom's birthday AND my daughter's birthday to celebrate ....cellophane tape!
Thanks for the fun post, Cara!

Cara Marsi said...

Thanks, Jean and Polly. I agree. Who would have thought so much goes on in May.

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