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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I am so sorry. I have a calander too. I thought tomorrow was my day. I got in last night from Halloween on the Hill Martini Corner and began working. What do you like to do on Halloween. I learned my friends are really into dressing up. I showed up at their house and saw tubes of zombie blood both black and red and different hues of dark body paint to make bruises and bloody scabs. I'm not all for being scary and went as a vampress. Yeah, I don't plan all that much. Simple. They took about three hours to get put together. I watched them take elmers glue and toilet paper to make their faces up. I rubbed my face against my friend Liza's and it was rock hard. Totally cool and she'd found a you tube tutorial on how to do a zombie face. After the glue and TP set she took a bobby pin and eased it in to pull some away to make it look like putrid decaying flesh.

When we arrived at Martini Corner the five bar included place was hopping. The entry fee was forty bucks for unlimited well drinks and beer from eight in the evening to midnight. We got there an hour late and the fellas were of course upset. Too funny. I saw some great costumes! Met some funny people and others who took tons of time to get made up.

There were about two hundred people at this mega costume contest and live band gig. Liza and I jumped up on stage and danced, she totally rocked the zombie act like a pro. I haven't had so much fun in forever.

Yeah see what I mean. Rock hard abs and pecs, never was so glad to be a Vampress! Ha :P

I totally loved their make-up but don't remember who they were dressing up as.

Found a Cowboy! There were some fantastic costumes and of course time for me to hand out my cards who knows if they'll remember ha but I like networking! My friend Hutch looks like Mr. Tee he won a hundred bucks but that's just how he dresses everyday!

We had so much fun and I ran into the character who scared me as a child...Who?

And we can't forget Our Man dressed as a female! With hard busoms and all!

I hope everyone has a great Halloween. I'm handing out candy tomorrow but that is it. I've done my major event for this holiday.



Jessica Subject said...

LOL Fun costumes! :)

Sandy said...

LOL Sounds like you had fun, Hales.

Marianne Stephens said...

Fun photos!
So...Bettlejuice? Did I guess right?
Love your costume and sounds like you had tons of fun!

Amber Skyze said...

Love the costumes! :)

Hales said...

Yep we had a lot of fun I was a vampress! My friend was beetlejuice :P

Liz said...

love dressing up! glad you had fun.

BelitaRenn said...

Great Pic's thanks for sharing. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Renee Vincent said...

hahah those were great costumes!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!!
Happy Halloween!

Shiela Stewart said...

Looks like a fun time. I love the Freddy Costume!

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