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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and all the kids in the neighborhood are excited about going trick or treating.  I love to see them come in their costumes.  Some are cute and pretty, others are scary.  One thing they are after is all the sweets they can get.  Smile.

The thought of ghosts, goblins and things that go knock in the night doesn't usually appeal to me.  I can't watch horror and bloody movies even though I know it's not real. 

I remember going to the cemetery with a bunch of kids on Halloween to tell scary stories and see who was the most frightened. 

Back then stories of Dracula, witches, black cats and ghosts were popular.  Or the headless man galloping about in the dark.  We all know the superstitions about black cats, and I for one don't believe in a single one.  Probably, because we have had two black cats, and they are wonderful pets. 

Some of you may remember the author, Caroline Burnes, who wrote Harlequin Intrigues with the black cat, Familiar, as the detective.  I loved those books.  She later worked in a dog to work with Familiar, but I don't remember his name. 

I once wrote a book with a black kitten in it, but it never sold.  It was about a black kitten that was saved from drowning by a young boy.  Both the kitten and boy were secondary characters since the story was a romance.

Have you ever written a story with a black cat as a character?  Do you like animals in stories?

Happy Halloween!  Don't let the googly gooks get you.

Sandra K. Marshall


Tina Donahue said...

Never wrote a book with a cat in it - however "Take Me Away" my May 2011 release from EC does feature a puppy - Buddy. Or as Lexi calls him "Buddy Baby". :)

Sandy said...

Aaah, Buddy Baby sounds so cute. Is he a mutt or a particular breed, Tina.

Thank you for coming by this morning, Tina.

jean hart stewart said...

I use animals quite a bit as a pet of the protagonist. My last two from Passion in Print have cats as important to the plot. Quest for Magic has a persian blue in it and I love researching and learning about that beautiful breed.

Kari Thomas said...

GRIN----do black cat Shapeshifters count? Raising my hand here!

I love cats, and love using them in my books. One of my books, SEDUCING THE HERO had a black persian (not a shapeshifter) who had an attitude to rival the meanest dog. Lots of opportunity for comedy there.

Anyhoo! Enjoyed your post Sandra! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

hugs, Kari Thomas,

Janice said...

Happy Halloween.

I've had black cats, unfortunately our black cat Ninja recently disappeared. I'm hopping she just took a little tour of the neighborhood and will be back soon.

My daughter's BFF brought over two half grown male cats. One of which is black, so we still have a black cat. *smile*

I have a few stories with cats in them, none black, but I haven't gotten them published yet.


Mary Corrales said...

I used to have a black cat. Indeed he was the sweetest. I do enjoy books with animals in them. Done well, they're an excellent addition to a story.

Sondrae Bennett said...

I've never written a story with a black cat, but I've read a few with black cat shifters. I love stories with animals. My favorite book of all time, Watchers by Dean Koontz, has a dog as one of the main characters.

Marianne Stephens said...

No cats in my stories. I have a dog in "Gone to the Dogs", and enjoyed the extra humor I could add using his character.
Happy Halloween!

Sandy said...

Jean, I have a friend who has two Persian Blues. She loves them.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Kari. I enjoyed your comment. Smile.

Thanks, Janice. I hope Ninja comes home soon. Is Ninja very old. Sometimes, cats go off to die. If you live in a wooded area, a hawk or coyote could have gotten your Ninja.

Sandy said...

Mary, our male black was the most loving cat. He listened to every word my husband said and usually obeyed. Max was an indoor-outdoor cat, and when he got old hubby would tell him, 'You're getting to be an old cat, Maxie, so you shouldn't go to far from home anymore.' He didn't. Thanks for your comment.

Sandy said...

Thanks for coming by, Sondrae. I think animals just add a little humor to a story.

Thanks, Marianne. I think dogs are great to use in stories, too. Only, they aren't as smart. lol Uh, oh, I'm in trouble.

Adele Dubois said...

There aren't any cats in my published stories, but I just sold a shape-shifter short story featuring a puma. Does that count? Lol.

I don't watch bloody horror movies, either, but love thrillers. Suspense is fun, but blood and gore--ack.

Happy Halloween!


Sandy said...

Thanks for coming by Adele. A puma is a big cat and certainly counts. lol

Paris said...

Do big cats count? My shifters are jaguars:) Seriously, I don't think I've written a book with pets yet which is very strange because I don't think I've ever been without one!

Sandy said...

Jaguars are beautiful creatures, so yes they count, Paris. Smile.

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