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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everyday Magic

At the beginning of the book, IT’S MAGIC, there’s a short prologue in which the mysterious magical matchmaker, Maxwell Magic, speaks to the reader explaining that adults no longer believe and dream like children. He goes on to speak about everyday magic, the simple pleasure of smelling the air after a summer rain, the tingle of excitement from a cool breeze off the ocean, the delight in tasting freshly fallen snow.

Want to have magic in your life every day? Break from your routine and enjoy simple things just for yourself. Here are my top ten suggestions:

10. Don’t anticipate, be spontaneous. If you plan too much it ruins the magic. Okay, so you’re a planner. At least write down my ten things and post them on your car dash. Then, in the middle of errands etc., just do one of the things on the list (uh, don’t do it while driving, okay?)

9. Have dessert first, or better yet, go to a restaurant and just order dessert (even if you’re on a diet, once will not hurt).

8. Take a disadvantaged person to the movies.

7. Buy a book in the bookstore for someone in line, or tell the person at the drive-through, you’re paying for a latte, burger, chicken dinner whatever for the next driver. Don’t do drive-through? Drive-through anyway and pay it forward for the person behind you.

6. Walk through the grass barefoot.

5. Read a book from a genre or an author you’ve never read before. Then leave a review for it--just out of the blue.

4. Go on a picnic lunch (Too cold? So? Dress warmly and have an insulated carrier—OR have the picnic lunch inside on the floor). It doesn't have to be fancy. I have had a picnic lunch outside composed of canned sardines, cheese and saltine crackers (one of my date’s selections a long time ago—and no, the lunch wasn’t part of the date—it was an extra). Okay, sounds hideous to most of you. But it tasted great out there communing with nature.

3. Meditate outside for twenty minutes (the quieter the place the better).

2. Go on a long walk or a bike ride.

1. Spend a night at home with someone special and no television or computer.

You’ll be surprised how much better you feel after you break from your routine and see life through a brand new set of filters. It is, after all, magic!

Bobbye Terry writes as herself as well as Daryn Cross in fantasy/sci-fi and Terry Campbell (as a co-writer) in romantic comedy.

Her latest book, ROSE, is a romantic comedy novella.


Paris said...

I think many of us lead such busy lives that we do forget the magic that simple pleasures invoke. Thanks for the wonderful suggestions.

Tina Donahue said...

I agree with Paris, wonderful suggestions. :)

Linda Kage said...

Lovely list. I watched a movie where the girl always ate dessert first. It was so sweet.

Bobbye Terry said...

Thanks to Paris, Tina and Linda for stopping by. I think we all get busy and forget. It's nice to stop and reflect on the simple things once in a while.

jean hart stewart said...

So true,,, spontaneity is sadly missing in most of our lives. I'm baffled though as to why The Third Rose shows up in your credit list. Do you also have a book by that name. When I clicked on it it pulled up my book of that name pubbed last year.Incidentally, I'm sending a confirmation letter today rescinding the publication rights of the Red Rose Publishing. They have not honored my contract. I get the rights back today in fact. To anybody who pulls up my link, do NOT submit to Red Rose.

Molly Daniels said...

LOL:) Went to dinner with a friend two weeks ago, and she ordered dessert first! I loved that idea, and will do this next week on our anniversary, just to see what the hubby says:)

Bobbye Terry said...

My book is named ROSE. The cover is at the very end of my blog. Not the same title. Rose is the name of the woman. Sorry about your experience with your publisher. ;( Molly, please let me know how your dessert goes!

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