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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goals for the New Year

Do you make goals for the New Year, and never accomplish them? I'm one of those people who make so many goals that it would never be possible to do all of them. Grin!

The ones I do accomplish are fine, but I'm always disappointed because I didn't get all of them done. So this year, I decided to set my goals lower, and then I thought if I do that I might not finish anything. Just maybe setting so many goals makes me accomplish more. What do you think about that?

Goals for 2011:

Read more books ( I only read 4 or 5 books the whole year of 2010)
Spend more time with family
Revise two older books that never published but are really good.
Spend less time on social media forms (started in 2010)
Take care of my health
Do the required promotions for my publisher, Eirelander Publishing
Play more instead of work all the time (Especially, get off the computer)
Try to get a short story published

The first book in The Odyssey Mysteries, The Catalyst, will be re-released in January from Eirelander Publishing.

That's all for now, but I'm sure I'll think of more before New Year's Eve. Grin.

I wish all of you a Happy, healthy New Year. Stop and smell the roses, my friends.

Sandy AKA Sandra K. Marshall
Author of The Odyssey Mysteries, The Catalyst, Addiction and The Deceived


Paris said...

Congratulations on your list! I've yet to make mine, even though I started my business plan for 2011 back in November.

I think I'm going to streamline this year and just endeavor to be more sensible. LOL! That should cover everything:-)

Kathy Otten said...

That's great you have your list already. I still haven't written mine yet. One of my goals should be--procrastinate less.

Katalina Leon said...

Sandy, this is a wonderful list of goals...In fact I think I'll just follow your plan. Thank you for doing the 2011 planning for both of us! lol
Happy New Year everyone!

Jill James said...

Sandy, great list. The good thing about lists is you can add and take away from them all year long.

Bobbie (Sunny) Cole said...

Good goals, Sandy. Just consider that you are revising the height of bar you set, not lowering it. : ) None of us are much good for anything or anyone else if we don't take care of ourselves first.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Paris. I just hope I can do everything on that list. Smile.

Kathy, I used to wait until New Year's Eve and make resolutions instead of goals. Grin.

Kat, I'm so glad to help out.

Jill, that's so true. I'll be looking eagerly to the end of 2011 to see if I accomplish my goals. Oh, maybe not, I don't want time to go by too fast.

Thanks, Sunny. So true.

Anonymous said...

Ha Great! I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs to "spend less time on social media forms" I need ot focus, focus, focus...I have so many new projects I want to finish and I'm gonna finish them...thanks for motivation..

reader said...

Great list, just don't let the list closed off the more importnt this in your life. My soulmate of 43 yrs, died from cancer, after a 4 yr battle. I wouldn't trade any of the time I spend with him, for any of the goal we set at the beging of the year. Enjoy your life you only live once.

Sandy said...

Emma Paul, I know what you mean about focusing. It's tough because there are so many distractions.

Sandy said...

Dear Reader,

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure he appreciated the time you devoted to him. 43 years is a good amount of time. It's so hard to lose someone you've spent most of your life with.

I had an aunt and uncle who were just shy of 65 when he died. She didn't want to be the one left, but she went on another three years. It was sad to watch her mourn.

Reader, I hope you have a support system.

My hubby and I have been married 34 years, and I can't immagine being without him. I promise I give him all the attention he wants. Smile.

Anonymous said...

Sandy, wonderful list. Loved Addiction by the way and will post my review on Amazon this weekend along with a couple of others.

Wishing you all the best for 2011.


Sandy said...

Isis, thank you for reading Addiction, and I'm so happy you liked it.

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