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Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

I had the privilege of working with some very talented ladies last year when I was asked to participate in the Carnal Reunions anthology. With only one published novella, I have to admit that I was surprised and delighted to be working with such talented authors as Regina Carlysle, Fran Lee, Tessie Bradford, Taylor Tryst, Anny Cook and Cindy Spencer-Pape. You should have heard my knees knocking!

Carnal Reunions is the story of what happens when seven friends get together for their ten year college reunion and each encounter the man she has never been able to forget. The stories were each released separately in e format but the entire anthology can be purchased in print at the Resplendence site:

I'm going to leave you with a blurb and excerpt of my story IOU. Leave a comment today and you could win a download of Bliss and Nick's story:-)


The morning after her final exams, Bliss Harper woke up in her own bed wearing only her underwear. She didn’t remember how she got there or why there was an I.O.U. tucked into her panties for one night of “Bad Boy Sex” signed by N. Santucci. She had a ten year plan for success and that didn’t include getting involved with handsome Nick Santucci. No more bad decisions involving handsome men for her.

Nick didn’t think Bliss Harper’s version of bad-boy sex had her waking up with the pizza delivery guy trying to save his family’s business. Better to let her live with her fantasies. Ten years later he’s not delivering pizza he’s delivering deals. The terms are simple. He’s planning on negotiating one night into many with the woman who holds the marker on his heart.


She took a sip of her wine and almost choked when one finger slid up the crack of her silk-covered ass and traced over the tattoo of delicate butterfly wings that very few people knew about.

Her hand started shaking so badly, if she’d had any more wine in her glass it would have spilled. “Ready to pay up Mr. Santucci?” she asked, without turning around.
“Tonight, I’m just Nick,” he whispered in her ear, continuing to trace one lacy wing through the slippery fabric, “the man who owes you one night of sweaty, dirty, bad-boy sex.”

She closed her eyes, letting the deep voice full of dark promises surround her. “Ready when you are,” she said, unable to keep the tremor of excitement out of her voice.

“I’ve been ready since you sent me a copy of my IOU. Did you get my card?”

“I’m trying to remember if we danced that night,” she said, mesmerized by his questing finger.

“You were doing all the dancing. I remember pink toes, pink nipples, a sparkly pink belly ring and this,” he whispered darkly, tracing the butterfly tattoo down. “You were quite a surprise under all those thrift-store clothes. But I think you like surprises. I think you like having secrets.”

He brushed his lips against the still-tingling skin where his whiskery jaw had rubbed her neck. Something flickered along the edge of her memory, but it was hard to concentrate while his breath warmed her ear and his finger warmed…other places. She let out a long, shuddering sigh. “Have you been analyzing me?”

“I’m a businessman. I analyze every situation and come up with the most viable solution.” He chuckled and the vibration fluttered through her.

“And what’s your solution for my particular situation?” she asked, barely breathing while she watched the couples in the middle of the dance floor, and Nick Santucci seduced her in a dark corner where anyone could happen along. She was starting to tingle in places she hadn’t tingled for a long time.

“That a bad boy is exactly what you need tonight.”

Just the suggestion of having a bad boy made her panties wet. It always had. “And are you meticulous…with your solutions?”

“I leave nothing to chance, every option is explored,” he said, tracing winding circles over her ass cheeks. “Sometimes…I have to experiment to be able to take just the right position.” The circles became wider and his warm palm settled on the rounded, silk-covered flesh he’d been teasing. “Especially if a situation is tricky. Say, I don’t have all the information going…in.”

She rode a wave of pleasure, her eyes drifting closed, his hot breath caressing her ear, when he whispered, “Do you have all the information you need?”

She turned, slowly, closing the space between them and opened her eyes. “Oh, my,” she breathed, smiling up at him. Same slim, ruggedly handsome devil, with a five-o’clock shadow and the darkest eyes she’d ever wanted to fall into. His suit was some deep shade of gray. There was a name for it but she couldn’t remember. His white shirt was stark against his olive skin—Stop designing for one minute, you idiot! This is the fantasy you’ve been waiting for.

“Tell me you’re not married,” she said in a rush.

“Not married, never even close,” he said, discreetly lifting his hand away from her butt to circle her waist and draw her even nearer. “Of course, you do realize that if I were really bad, I wouldn’t tell you the truth.”

She stiffened, drawing back. He smiled, lifting his ring finger. No telltale tan lines where a ring would be. She relaxed. Leaning into him, she went up on her toes, whispering into his ear, “I have your IOU tucked into my panties. Ready to pay up?”

He swung her around in a tight circle so that her back was to the crowd on the dance floor. To anyone else they’d look like two old friends sharing a hug, but Bliss squirmed when Nick slid one big, warm hand carefully through the front wrap of her dress, and dipped into the waistband of her panties. She bit her lip and smiled up at his surprise when he found the note and the soft, naked flesh beneath.

He ran one long finger up her bare slit and she dug her fingers into his arms, holding perfectly still to keep from having a screaming orgasm and ending up a boneless heap on the marble floor of the Ambassador Hotel. His gaze turned molten as he withdrew the IOU from her panties and flicked it open.

“The terms are vague,” he murmured, scanning it quickly. “But I don’t see a problem with negotiating as the evening progresses,” he said, his breath hitching just enough to make her smile.

I hope you've enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Reading:-)
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Katalina Leon said...

Happy Anniversary Paris! Loved the excerpt. This is a great anthology!

Paris said...

Thanks, Kat! Glad you liked it and thanks for stopping by:-)

jean hart stewart said...

beFantastic and hot! Hot in the subtle way I like leading up to what I'm sure is scorching sex...Jean

Paris said...

Thanks Jean! Nice to see you:-) Thanks for stopping by!

Jolene Allcock and Family said...

What?!! You can't stop at that, I need more :) Loved the excerpt, you've piqued my curiousity and I need to finish the story!! Sounds amazing. Note in the panites, loved it!

Paris said...

Glad you liked it:-) Thanks for stopping by!

Molly Daniels said...

I LOVED this series! I still need Tessie's, though. Must get it soon.

Paris said...

Hi Molly!

Yes, you must:-)Tessie's story is "Training Randi" and it's hot!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Paris said...

I'd like to thank everyone again for stopping by and leaving a comment! Thanks for celebrating with me and the winner of the IOU download is Jean Hart Stewart!

Congrats Jean:-)

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