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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Catch Me When I Fall

I was running around town last weekend doing my usual errands when A Moment Like This came on the radio. I was stopped at a red light when Kelly Clarkson came to the line: "I want to know that you will catch me when I fall."

Honestly, every time I hear those words, I tear up...and believe me, I'm not a sentimental person. Somehow, that one line always gets to me. It's what I want from a guy. It's what I demand of my heroes.

Sure, I love the proverbial Alpha male the same as everyone else.

However, for him to be brave, commanding, virile, whatever, isn't enough. I also want him to be cherishing. That to me is what makes for a great romance. The sex is certainly a bonus, but it's how he stands by the woman he loves, how he protects and treasures her that makes my heart sing.

In my erotic romance Deep, Dark, Delicious, Eden was afraid to commit to Rafe even though she knew she was falling in love with him. Past circumstances in Eden's life had led her to distrust intimacy and love. An Alpha male to his core, Rafe pursues her, catching Eden each time she fell emotionally, ensuring that they'll be together. Even at the end, when things were the bleakest between them, Rafe never gave up hope. He was determined to be there for have her.

In Adored, my award-winning erotic romance, Danni loves Adam, but because other men have betrayed her, she's fearful he might do the same. When she learns what's been going on behind the scenes at their work, she's crushed that he kept the truth from her. It isn't until the very end that she learns Adam has been fighting for her all along, demanding that others not hurt her in any way. He put his career on the line for her. He was there to catch her each step of the way.

And finally, in my latest erotic romance In His Arms, RJ is there for Summer in a way she hadn't guessed and couldn't imagine. To him, it's all about her, from her safety to her happiness and finally her future. He's strong yet gentle, a true Alpha hero who risks everything for the woman he loves.

I don't know about anyone else, but that's what I want from a guy.

Someone who's there to comfort me after a horrible day.

Someone who stands at my side when the world gets unfair and mean.

Someone who catches me when I fall, who holds me in his strong, comforting embrace, who lets me know I'm not alone - not anymore - not ever again.


Renee Vincent said...

You said it , Tina! A man can be brave and fearless, strong and handsome, but he MUST be willing to be there and catch you when you need him most. I liked your word: cherishing. Great way to sum it all up!

Great post dear!

Paris said...

Great post, Tina! All other traits pale in comparison to someone who is always there for you when you need them. Your books are a great example:-)

Tina Donahue said...

Thanks, Renee and Paris. If all guys could be like the ones we write about - wow!!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Pretty sweet, Tina! I agree - sometimes those songs just do it, put into words what we can't quite. Congrats on all your awards and nominations!

Katalina Leon said...

Beautiful post Tina. A loving, dependable man who makes you feel valued is an incredible companion. Every woman deserves one.

jean hart stewart said...

subYou caught it exactly. Knowing you ae cherished is worth everything if you love the guy. Great post. Jean

Marianne Stephens said...

Yep...all those things a needed. Gotta have a guy you can trust to always be there for you...even if he has some flaws!

Author Mary C said...

You are so right, Tina! It's a remarkable man that will stand by your side when things go bad.

We as women know our strengths and weaknesses, and boy does it feel great when we find that man with the complimentary strengths that we need.

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Julia - thanks so much for your kind words. And congrats to you on your nominations!

Kat, Jean, Marianne, Mary - thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts!! :)

And also for Kat: congrats on thinking of the winning title for the new EC line - it's great!!

Wynter Daniels said...

Good post, thanks. Alpha males can easily be written as callous but when they have the heroine's back, they make me swoon!

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