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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unleash your creativity

I've got to credit AARP for these quotes. Yep, I'm a certified member, and proud of it. You've got to be fifty to join, but not necessarily retired. After all that hunky Pierce Brosnan is a member...Their monthly magazine always has at least one interesting tidbit. This article concerned people who pursured their dreams at their age most would sit back and relax.

Mack Orr, a sixty five-year-old Memphis musician known as Daddy Mack, didn't pick up a quitar until he was 45. He made his living repairing autos. He heard a blues singer on the radio, and bought a guitar at a local pawnshop. He practiced constantly, in the cab of a construction crane, in his bathroom because his wife didn't like the noise, and carrying his guitar everyplace he went. Today he's a blues legend.

Judith Hernandez is another example. Busy for years with her career, she finally turned to the craft she'd always wanted to pursue. She'll have a major exhibition at Chicago's Museum of Modern Art next January. She compares her art now to making a rich sauce. You can do one quickly or you can reduce it over a period of time. The sauce might be smaller, but it's richer. An interesting view point, don't you think? Even when you're young, putting your writing aside and letting it stew in your mind brings more tasty results. I'm reminded of that every time I write a book. When it's done, and by that I mean it's gone through several self-edits, I put it aside. Coming back to it a week or so later shows up bad stuff I can't see how I missed.
Margaret Tcheng Ware, now 64, had a successful career as dancer and choreographer before giving it up for career and motherhood. Feeling listless at age 50 she began to paint. Now she exhbits and sells to private collectors. She believes much creativity comes when you aren't concious of it, and your whole life is grist for the mill.

There's the same theme of 'never give up' and 'unleash your creativity in all these examples.'
I guess it's the same wonderful mantra for any age. Most writers will know exactly what these adages means. Success at anything is darn hard work.

How many of you readers found an engrossing creative outlet after you'd tried something else? I'd surely like to know...


Katalina Leon said...

Excellent post Jean! This is so true. It's always possible at any age to give yourself permission to grow and change in ways that might not have possible or appropriate when we were young.

April Ash said...

Never think you can't try something new! Growing older opens new avenues of possibilities...and with age comes the wisdom to figure out which ones to try!

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Jean - interesting post. With medical advances coming every day, soon we'll be saying, 'Life begins at eighty (or a hundred)!!' :)

Amber Skyze said...

Wonderful, wonderful advice! Never give up because I agree, success can come at any age.

Jean Hart Stewart said...

Thanks to all you sweet ladies who commented.Well,thanks to those you read it and didn't comment,also. I've gone from hating to write blogs to enjoying it! Comments help,believe me.Jean

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