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Monday, August 16, 2010

Interview of Reader/Reviewer Venus C.!

Today I'm thrilled to present an interview of reader/reviewer Venus C.! Love her sexy goddess glasses!

You can blame my parents for my love of reading and my personality!

My first vivid memory is of my mother sitting me down on the potty with a book in my hands. Ever since then I will read anything available including extremely outdated magazines and shampoo bottles (rinse and repeat).
As far as my personality, when you are named for an amatory Roman Goddess you can't help but start reading Harlequin novels when your classmates are still reading Judy Blume.

As a teen my father used to yell at me to get outside in the fresh air and I would have to sneak a book down my pant-leg, which was no easy task seeing as I was (and still am) a supreme klutz who trips over her own feet at least twice a day.

I usually have a minimum of four books on the go at the same time. I read fiction and non-fiction anything I can get my hands on; I love kilted hotties, demons with hearts of gold, and shape-shifting Alpha males. However my favorites are happily-ever-after romances.

Q: What type of genre do you enjoy the most and why?
A: Paranormal because it takes me away from my everyday life, anything can happen. The genre has anything from whimsical fairies, to bloodthirsty vampires or misunderstood demons. They also run the gambit from sweet to spicy, mystery to comedy.

Q: What inspired you to read romance books?
A: The covers of romances in my early years of beautiful pale redheads and gorgeous native warriors. My grandmother and aunt's were always reading romance novels, they were always available. I practically went from Dr. Seuss to Kathleen Woodiwiss.

Q: Do you read ebooks, print books, or both? Have you thought about getting an ebook reader if you don’t already have one?
A: I read both but I'm still putting off getting a reader because of the cost. I simply read ebooks on my laptop or my Palm.

Q: Besides those of us at “Romance Books R Us”, who are your favorite authors?
A: I love Rida Allen, Gena Showalter, Nicole North, Jeanne Savery, Michelle Rowen, Jennifer Crusie, Mary Balogh, Mary Jo Putney, Julia Quinn, Charlaine Harris, Vivian Arend, Michele Bardsley, Vivi Anna, Nina Bruhns, Lori Devoti, Katie Reus, Tuesday Morrigan, Paige Tyler, Tea Trelawny, and the list goes on . . .

Q: Do you visualize the hero and heroine as you read? Do you use the cover (if they’re shown) as images for them?
A: I tend to ignore covers nowadays, which is ironic as that was what attracted me to the genre.

Q: Have you ever been to a writing conference/convention? If so, what did you think about it?
A: Nope, but I've always dreamed of going to one.

Q: What is your all-time favorite romance book? Why?
A: I don't have one all-time favorite. I usually have a few that I read over and over again, but they change depending on what is happening in my life.

Q: When do you read and do have “comfort food” as you read?
A: I'm always reading, whenever I can. In the bathroom, as a passenger in a car, by the pool, in bed. Sometimes I read and eat my supper or lunch at the same time. I like eating M & M peanuts when reading, because they aren't messy and I don't have to unwrap anything to interfere with the flow of my reading.

Q: What kind of promo items (bookmarks, trinkets, brochures, etc.) do you enjoy receiving?
A: I love getting bookmarks, pens and unusual promo items. I once got a lipstick and I love it.

Q: Do you enter contests? What type of items do you enjoy getting if you win?
A: I love entering contests, my favorite prizes are autographed books and goodie baskets.

Q: What one question would you like to ask an author?
A: How do they feel about the number of books on the market that have not been properly edited?

Q: How important is a cover when you’re looking to buy a book?
A: It's important that the cover be professional looking but it isn't the main reason I buy a book, however it is easy to identify highland warriors on a cover by their kilts or werewolves by their fur.

Q: Do you read blurbs and excerpts? Which one is most important in your decision to buy a book and why?
A: I read both but in this busy day and age blurbs factor in when it comes time to buy because I can't always read the excerpt.

Q: Do you like reading first or third person books? Why?
A: Anything well written is fine by me!

Q: What story premise would you like to have an author write?
A: I'm not going to give away my ideas, I hope to write them myself :-)


Tina Donahue said...

You sound like me, Venus, I'll read anyone, even the backs and sides of cereal boxes. :)

Maybe we're long lost twins?

Tina Donahue said...

Um, make that I'll read ANYTHING (not anyone). I'm no psychic, believe me.

What can I say? It's early. :)

Katalina Leon said...

Venus, I loved reading your interview. I heartily encourage you to start writing those story ideas down!

Venus said...

I've always wanted a twin Tina ;-)

Venus said...

Thanks for the encouragement Katalina!
One of these days . . .

Jean Hart Stewrt said...

have you read Legendary Lover by Susan Johnson? The VERY sexy heroine is named Venus...And yes, I go berserk when I find a poorly edited book. I want to throw it against the wall and run screaming from the room.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical.............................................................

She said...

Love peanut M&M's. Also love Reese's Pieces and York peppermint patties. Oh, let's be honest--I LOVE CHOCOLATE.

Molly Daniels said...

Go for your dream Venus:) And I LOVE peanut M&Ms...also the peanut butter ones:)

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