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Friday, July 2, 2010

Surrounded by 2's

As I sit here writing this post, it dawned on me that I am surrounded by two's, or I will be soon enough.

On June 29, technically June 30, I will be surrounded by teeny boppers screaming Edward and Jacob's name. Yes, my common sense has left the building. I will be waiting in line to see the Eclipse movie at midnight. You see, my partner is a major Twi-head and I surprised her with midnight tickets, again this year. I am excited though, last year I got the chance to talk with several young ones and they confirmed that yes, teenagers are a rare breed indeed. I only hope I wasn't that loopey when I was that age.

Then 2 days later, my blog will post on RBRU! Great blog, BTW! Thanks Marianne for putting it all together. :)

Then 2 days later, we celebrate the fourth of July. This fourth is actually quite special. After 13 years of us being together, this is the 2nd year that my partners family has personally invited me to a family gathering. Ha! There's the 2 again. I wonder if I should buy 2 lotto tickets?

Okay numerology experts...what gives with the 2? I thought things came in 3's?

Have a fun and safe fourth everyone!

Annie :0)


chasidyjean said...

Have a safe and wonderful fourth of July yourself, Annie!

Tina Donahue said...

Enjoy the movie, Annie and have a safe 4th!

Linda Kage said...

ECLIPSE!! The girls in my family are taking a mass outing tomorrow to see it. I'll actually be the second oldest in the group:)

建彰建彰 said...


Molly Daniels said...

My daughter's 16th b-day is tomorrow, and she wants to go see Eclipse:) Plus, the youngling I babysit (whose b-day is the same day) said she wants to go to Burger King and get the toy in the kids' meal!

Annie Alvarez said...

Hi everyone!
Okay, I saw Eclipse at midnight, than again the next day. Crazy huh? My partner was afraid we had missed something so we went back.
No spoilers here...don't worry. LOL
The movie was really good. Better than I expected actually. Yes, if you like Twilight, you'll enjoy Eclipse. Now, I'm ready for Breaking Dawn!

Have a fantastic and safe fourth!

Judy said...

Happy 4th to you and everyone!! I am not sure you could survive if things came in 3's ;) I hear everyone is enjoying Eclipse!!!

jean hart stewart said...

Have a great fourth, enjoy, enjoy! Jean

April Ash said...

Two is your lucky number...go buy those tickets!

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