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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Interview of Reader/Writer/Reviewer Theresa Hissong

It's my pleasure to present an interview a reader/reviewer, Theresa Hissong today!

BIO: Well, hmmm…where to start? Okay, My name is Theresa Hissong and I am an avid reader and an aspiring writer. I have written two unpublished (hopefully that will change soon) books. I’m a wife and a mom. We live in sunny and currently oil ridden Northwest Florida. Recently I started my own blog doing book reviews. Mostly for friends to check out, but now it looks like my opinions are spreading. I’m very excited to be a part of this group and thank you all for such a warm welcome!!

Q: What type of genre do you enjoy the most and why?
A: I read mainly paranormal romance. Why? I’ve been asked that a lot lately and the only reason I can find is that regular romance is too boring for me. I enjoy the suspense and the thrill of the story. I’ve always had a thing for vampires and shifters, since I was younger.

Q: Do you read ebooks, print books, or both? Have you thought about getting an ebook reader if you don’t already have one?
A: I only read print books. I like having them stacked neatly on my several bookshelves. To me, it’s like looking at a free candy store. I just pick out something to drown myself in whenever I want.

Q: Besides those of us at “Romance Books R Us”, who are your favorite authors?
A: Right now, J.R. Ward, Richelle Mead, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Rachel Vincent.

Q: Do you visualize the hero and heroine as you read? Do you use the cover (if they’re shown) as images for them?
A: I will use the cover, if shown. But even with that, after I get into the book, most of the time, my vision on the character may change a little.

Q: What is your all-time favorite romance book? Why?
A: Well, I hate to sound like a broken record, but I admit I am a Twilight junkie. The next best one is J.R. Ward’s “Lover Awakened”.

Q: When do you read and do have “comfort food” as you read?
A: I read any chance I can get. I have been known to walk to the mailbox with a book in hand. Waiting at the doctor’s office, sitting in line to pick up the kids at school. Yeah, I’m a book junkie. You will never hear me say “I have nothing to read!”

Q: What kind of promo items (bookmarks, trinkets, brochures, etc.) do you enjoy receiving?
A: I love to collect bookmarks. Anything I find that is unique to a book or unique in itself.

Q: Do you enter contests? What type of items do you enjoy getting if you win?
A: I have entered contest, but unfortunately I have never won anything. My luck isn’t very good.

Q: How important is a cover when you’re looking to buy a book?
A: Flashy covers will get my attention, but I research what I want to read before I step foot in the bookstore. I always check which order to read/buy (if it is a series).

Q: Do you like reading first or third person books? Why?
A: Hmm, well if you would have asked me 6 months ago, I would have said first person. But now, I enjoy both. In my opinion, 1st person helps me to identify with the character who is telling the story. Third person just keeps me as an observer. Either one is fine with me.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Because of the amount of books I read (and I read A LOT), I started a blog. Sort of my own little review thing. Its my own opinion and by no means am I a professional reviewer, but many of my friends always ask me for suggestions on books. So, I decided just to put it all in one spot. Plus I have written 2 novels, that are unpublished and I sometimes write about that. Here is the site:


Tina Donahue said...

Good luck with your writing, Theresa. And definitely tell us when you place your work! :)

Judy said...

I enjoyed your post. I enjoy finding out about new authors ( or potential authors :) ). I checked out your blog. Very nice!!

Sandy said...


I wish you the very best with your writing.

The industry is in flux right now. I was talking to a manager of a B&N store, and she said the people who only like print will be dragged along with the change like everyone else. lol I couldn't believe she said that.

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