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Saturday, February 27, 2021

How to Create Chemistry by Janice Seagraves



Apparently, this list has been passed around from romance writer to romance writer for years. Funny this is the first I’ve heard of it. So, if you’ve never heard of this list either, here it is.


  1. Eyes to body; acknowledging that the other H/H is hot.
  2.  Eyes to eyes; making eye contact.  
  3.  Voice is hot. Nice deep. Laugh like little bells. That sort of thing.   
  4. Hand to hand; first touch is the hand. I add a tingle here or with the first kiss.
  5. Second touch: from wrist to shoulder.
  6. Hand to waist: maybe small of the back?
  7. First kiss. I’d add with a rush of heat or a tingle.
  8. Hand to head, while kissing or perhaps one of the H/H runs a hand down the other’s hair.
  9. Hand to body; first caress of the body. 
  10. Hand to breast; or mouth to breast a prelude to love making   
  11. Hand to private parts meant to arouse.
  12. The full love scene or fade to black.

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