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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

I Got Nothing

I started thinking about what to write for this post. I thought of a few ideas—Holiday gift list for writers and readers, a writing craft post, holiday movies and television shows—but in the end I discarded them all.


They were boring or I wasn’t sure exactly how to write the actual post or various different  reasons. I swore that somehow an idea would pop into my head. But absolutely nothing came. 

I have no topic for this post so I decided that that would be the subject. After all in life sometimes we don’t know what to do.

For writers that can be a scary truth, our own personal horror like a haunted house except nothing pops out of dark corners. Yet, that happens for some writers they can stress about that fact until writer’s block takes over then nothing comes. A very bad thing. It affects all parts of life, not just writing.

So, instead of tearing at the anxiety until it’s nothing but frayed bits, I always decide to let it go. Focus my energy on something else and let the pounding demand for an idea fade away because one day, probably tomorrow after I post this I’ll have something.

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