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Sunday, November 24, 2019


My Thanksgiving List

            It’s my turn to blog on Thanksgiving Day. We’re all busy, but each of us should take time out of our day to think about what we’re thankful for, especially in these dark times throughout the world.

            Here’s what I’m thankful for:

            My husband and son are the loves of my life, and I thank God every day for giving them to me. I may argue with my husband, I may worry about my son and wish he’d settle down with a good woman. My son lives 2,500 miles away and I miss him. He’s gainfully employed and owns his house, so I’m grateful for that. Through it all, we love each other and we’re here for each other.

            I’m thankful for the roof over our heads and the food on our table. I pray for those fellow Americans who are suffering - those out of work, without enough food for their families, no shelter. Please keep them in your prayers today.

            I’m thankful my grandparents (all four of them) left Italy to begin a new life in the United States early in the twentieth century. We’re a nation of immigrants and I’m proud of my immigrant heritage. Although my grandparents, like most of those from Southern and Eastern Europe, faced discrimination in this country at the turn of the last century, they left behind lives of poverty and hardship to give their descendants a chance at a better life. My grandparents prevailed. They worked hard and raised their families. The United States afforded my parents, me, my siblings, my cousins opportunities we wouldn’t have had anywhere else. Thank you, Grandparents.

            I’m thankful I get to do something I love – write romance stories. And I’m doubly thankful for those readers who buy my books. Thank you, readers.

            Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

This Thanksgiving, I'm also thankful I have a new release.

Ghosts of Deveraux Manor is available for pre-order at the special pre-order price of 99 cents. Price goes up after release date of December 26.

           Mayhem, Mystery, Murder, and Matchmaking Ghosts

When an American woman inherits a manor in France, she finds it comes with some unexpected accessories—matchmaking ghosts and a hunky ex-pat Brit who may or may not be a murderer.

Philadelphian Charlotte—Charli—Deveraux had no idea she had relatives in France until she receives notice she’s inherited a chateau in Normandy. Her art history degree has led to nothing but a soul-sucking bank job, so she takes leave, and, with her best friend, heads to France to check out the centuries-old manor. But her inheritance comes with more than she expected, including an enticing, maddening neighbor. She’d been betrayed by a man once. She’s not about to trust another one.

International art restorer and expat Brit, Travis Gardner, wants nothing to do with any woman named Deveraux. He’d been married to one. When his ex-wife was murdered, suspicion fell on him. Although he had a strong alibi and was cleared by the police, a cloud hangs over him. It doesn’t matter how sweet and wholesome Charli is, he’s on the hunt for the real killer. He doesn’t have time to help Charli find missing necklaces or the keys to a mysterious locked turret.

But a pair of matchmaking ghosts—and their equally ghostly cat—have other ideas. To get into the good graces of the Big Guy, they need to bring Charli and Travis together, and solve not only his ex-wife’s murder, but their own. In a village full of suspects, can Charli and Travis find the keys, the jewels, and the truth before they, too, become ghosts of Deveraux manor?

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