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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

New Release

I have a new release in my Bennett Dynasty series. 

Faith Bennett

I have a knack for dealing with ghosts.
I can see them.
I can hear them.
And sometimes, just like children throwing a temper tantrum, they’re in need of a time out.
When a ghost appears that looks like my sister, and asks me to help find her body, of course, I’m willing to try.
Even if that means searching through trash at the town dump.

Keaton Daniels

Seven missing women.
A single clue.
A journey to the one woman I can’t afford to lose.
Faith knows where the bodies are buried and I need her help.
The sparks between us are as real as the danger I’m putting her in.
I can’t afford to let the attraction derail my focus. I need to catch this killer before Faith is in the killer’s crosshairs and she becomes the next woman to disappear.

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