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Thursday, September 27, 2018

#Free on #KindelUnlimited Exodus Arcon Mini-Series by Janice Seagraves

I updated my book trailer and added the cover for the mini-series, but I had to use new music since the old one wasn't available anymore.

Please take a look and comment. Let me know if you like it or not.

Exodus Arcon: Prelude to Book 1 Alien Heart: Chronicles of Arcon
 Free on kindleunlimited

The Arcons build three colony ship to take them off their dying world. Only the chosen can come, the rest take their chances with the lottery. But one family cheats.


“And you, my podling?” Blade met Keefe’s eyes. “Do you really want to share your mate with me?”

Keefe’s cheeks flushed lavender, but, through gritted teeth, he said, “Bite her, but don’t swallow.”

“With her undressed and smelling of pheromones, all I want to do is bury her underneath my body while I bite that lovely white skin.” Blade leered at her, showing his sharp canines. “Is that what you want, my lovely?”

Hauling harder on his wrist, she met his crimson eyes. “You’re not fooling me, Blade. I’m not afraid of you.”

“You should be,” he growled. “I’m a bad-tempered military male, whom you do not want as a mate.”

“You will bite me, but only that, understand?” She raised her chin. “We are going to pretendpretend to mate. Nothing more.”

“Yes, mistress. You order, and I shall obey.” Blade wrenched free from Paz and Aziza then loomed in front of her.

She blinked at his muscular chest.

Exodus Arcon: Prelude to Book 1 Alien Heart: Chronicles of Arcon (Kindle Locations 286-288). Keith Publications, LLC. Kindle Edition.

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