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Thursday, July 5, 2018


If you love stories that are just a little quirky, romantic and definitely paranormal, I have a few you might want to add to your reading list this summer. 

New Release! Well sort of...

I love music videos and happened to be listening to WW2 era songbirds while browsing some vintage horror movie posters from the forties and couldn’t resist the story idea that resulted from several “what if” questions that popped up. 

If you’re drawn to old black and white monster movies, tortured heroes, smart-mouthed heroines, and Hollywood during the age of our greatest generation, you might just like, I’LL BE SEEING YOU. There have been a few, very slight revisions from the story originally released in 2015 as part of the Entice Me anthology and I have a fun new cover by the very talented artist, “chico san”. He did the original painting of this cover and it's hanging in my living room. 

20th century historical romance with a paranormal twist…

Jack Howland, part of an elite group of OSS special agents can’t resist the pull of the moon or the memory of his brief wartime romance with widowed USO hostess, Lulu Lane. After the war, their paths cross again, but will the truth about what he is send Lulu screaming into the night or back into his arms?

Take one plain Jane Hollywood scriptwriter, add a creepy sanitarium with an even creepier staff; fold in Nazi war criminals and a war hero with a dangerous secret and you have a recipe for a roaring good time.

This novella is available now for 99 cents...

***An Amazon link will be available very soon*** 

CASSIDY'S TOUCH, part of THE SHADOW FILES, a limited collection of supernatural suspense stories is available now for pre-order and will be published on August 7th.

Magic, mystery, and adventure await you in these 22 mystical stories!
Ever wonder what lurks within the shadows? Then, search no further. The Shadow Files features your favorite paranormal entities as they battle what prowls deep within the shadows of their supernatural worlds.

Dance with Lucifer, experience love from beyond the grave, solve a case … Grimm-style. Tangle with vampires, discover relics and get ready for adventures more exciting than Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones! Follow mages and rebel angels as they battle the evil threatening to end magic … forever.

Epic thrills await inside The Shadow Files. Secure your copy of this exciting limited-edition collection from today’s hottest bestselling authors!



I'm giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card in this year's Christmas in July contest, so don't forget to enter! For a list of all the prizes that two lucky winners will share...

 And there's more...

If you like your shifter's hot and protective you might like Gunnar Redmond, my hero in HIS TO PROTECT and J.D. Decker from HIS TO CLAIM. Both stories take place in the BLACK HILLS WOLVES series from Decadent Publishing and HIS TO PROTECT is only 99cents!

After ten long years, desperation has forced Luna Sinclair back to Los Lobos but nothing in her experience has prepared her for the heat that Pack Protector, Gunnar Redmond unleashes. Her wolf is clawing to break free and run straight for the hulking beast but what wolf in their right mind would want to be tied to her family tree?

They aren’t kids anymore and J.D. has Bree howling at the moon and questioning her desire for nothing more than a sexy romp in the woods. He’s a blunt force and rough around the edges, but he ignites all of her deepest desires with his single-minded determination to make her his.

Bree’s family isn’t happy about her budding romance with the son of a man they feel is responsible for the death of one of their own. Old wounds are reopened and as tempers flare Bree must decide whether to let a dark secret from the past separate them, or defy her family and accept J.D.’s claiming. 


Enjoy your summer and the next chance you get, grab something cool to drink and find your favorite place to read, whether it's a cozy nook or a beach blanket under an umbrella and get lost in a story that delights you.

Until next month,
Happy Reading!
Paris Brandon


Melissa Keir said...

One of my former students is sending me his story to work on with him. He's writing a horror story. It's interesting to see the differences between romance and horror. Good luck with your new releases!

Paris said...

Thanks, Melissa! How exciting to work with a student! Best of luck:)

Cara Marsi said...

I loved "I'll Be Seeing You" in the Entice Me anthology. Good luck with your stories. I'm into binge reading now, which means I read several books in the same genre one after the other. I just finished a Daniel Silva thriller and now I'm reading a thriller by Robert Walker. My next binge will be stories set in Ancient Rome. I love cozy mysteries and will binge read more of them a little later.

Molly Daniels said...

I've got several books on my TBR pile....these include Sandy Sullivan's Cowboy Dreamin' (halfway through the series); Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin; Karaoke Jane by BC Brown; The Hamilton Affair by Elizabeth Cobbs; and Springtime In London by Jen Selinsky. Also have a couple by Mysti Parker.

I think I've read His To Protect; I need to get His To Claim:)

Paris said...

I binge read too! At the moment I'm loving the Victorian mysteries by Deanna Raybourn.She also has a series set during the 20's in Africa. It's soooo good :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Paris said...


Whew! That's quite a list. I have a feeling you won't have any trouble getting through it:) I hope you like His To Clai <3

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