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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What's The Buzz?

It's June and the world has finally turned green and I don't have to worry about snow killing my roses. Actually, this winter did quite a job on both of my rose bushes, but I digress. The year is practically half gone and now is the time I usually assess how badly I've strayed from the path, when it comes to my goals.

There was a time when I gauged my success by how many releases I could accomplish in one year. I have to tell you, the year I had four releases, I ended up suffering from exhaustion. I try very hard not to go there anymore. For one thing, when I was publishing that many stories, I was trying to write, complete edits, promote and try to stay sane. I managed the first two but promoting while trying to write and stay sane is not an easy task.

The publishing world is still changing at a crazy pace and while I'm trying to keep up, I know I have to decide which of the small stuff I can ignore. Recently there's been a furor over an author trying to trademark a word specific to her work. It isn't really small stuff, but I can follow the happenings online without it affecting my work. I think I read somewhere that Amazon is also suspending ARC reviews. I'm sort of used to them taking a big step, making everyone crazy and then deciding to scale back, so again, something I'm watching but not going nuts over.

Recently, I've decided to focus more on paranormal romance with mystery and suspense. I'm planning another story set in post WW2 Los Angeles and the first, I'LL BE SEEING YOU will be released with a fun new cover by the artist "chico san". He was great to work with and as an added bonus, I have a painting of the cover. It reminds me of a vintage movie poster and I love it!

One of my major goals this year was to get CASSIDY'S TOUCH, finished, edited and place in a limited edition boxed set, THE SHADOW FILES. I'm working on the second book in this series, now. Fingers crossed, it will be with my editor by the time my rights are returned in November.



My wonderful webmistress, Dee Tenorio of Laideebug Digital has designed a new website that will be completed very soon. It's so gorgeous! All in all, I think so far that it's been a productive 2018. Wishing you the best in the coming months... 

Have a wonderful June!
Paris Brandon

Paris Brandon is a paranormal romantic suspense author who also writes contemporary, erotic, and historical romance. When not dreaming up stories featuring heroes who aren’t intimidated by strong heroines, she can be found strolling through antique and thrift stores searching for vintage treasures, or communing with nature, which is code for sitting on the patio with a cup of tea and a good book.


Tina Donahue said...

I read about that 'author' trademarking that word. Can't recall what the word was but SMH.

Congrats on your releases, Paris. What matters is that you love writing. :)

Paris said...

The trademark still has to be approved and I haven't heard that it has. There was a time when I'd be following every word but I can think of better things to do, like write:)

artlover said...

Glad you're feeling productive....So any words to write, and so little time to do so.

Paris said...

You're so right:)

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