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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

#guestpost Extraordinary Experiences by @danneparis #RB4U #romance

Please give D Anne Paris a warm welcome !

Extraordinary Experiences
Moments come and go, but special moments last a lifetime. Make them count!
~Mark Hewer
As many of you may know I love the idea of experiences as gifts. Let's face it, anyone can pick out a gift. If you are truly involved in the process then you would put some thought into it and get a gift that truly matter but not everyone can create a special memory. It takes a special person who has taken it upon themselves to create a special memory.
This is where experiences differ and become extraordinary gifts. Truly special experiences take time, thought and effort. These three combined with the main experience itself tells a story of care and love on its own.
Creating a special experience: A limo tour.
Perhaps your partner is new to the city and has not had the time to see the city's beauty. You may feel compelled to give them a tour but you want the moment to be special. You don't want the tour to simply be about sightseeing and touristy things. You want it to be different from a normal tour. There is one way to spice it up: Rent a private limo and give them a treat they will never forget. It is quite simple and will leave great memories.
Adding special touches.
First, pick a date and contact the limo company to book it. Ask the company for a driver who knows special places in the city and who can act as a tour guide. If your loved one has special interests such as art or loves gardens make sure you mention it to the limo company so the driver will be prepared to take both of you to places that are of interest to them. If you are stopping for a picnic or decide to watch the stars on the beach or park, be sure to bring a blanket to sit on. If it’s chilly take extra blankets to keep yourselves warm. Don’t forget to bring some finger foods and bubbly if you are not stopping at any eateries along the way.
On the way back, you can end the experience by listening to music you both enjoy while savouring the memories you just experienced.
The great thing about giving a memorable experience as a gift is that your loved one doesn’t have to look for somewhere to keep the gift or remember to use it. They will have the experience with them forever. It becomes a part of them, a part of their good memories.

About the author:
D. Anne Paris began conjuring up stories even before she could put words on paper. When other kids in her class submitted stories about their vacations and puppies, she submitted ones that had to be blessed by a priest.

The paranormal has always called out to her and she’s usually the one that’s running into haunted houses and graveyards. She strongly believes Halloween should be a national holiday and everyone should have a favorite paranormal hero or heroine.

When not in the writing cave D.Anne can be found in the garage working on her first love- her Trans Am, or working on her blueberry farm. She is the wife of one hot Silver Fox and the mom of one mini salesman who tries to convince his friend's mothers to buy her books.

Her next book Strength of Love will be available on Amazon May 3rd.

Here’s a short blurb about Strength of Love.

With his special powers, Jason “Tiny” Tucker could handle anything.

Bullets, hauling cars, Bigfoot, nothing scared him. When a psychotic ex-lover captures and tortures him, he loses his powers and himself. His only light is his angel, Elle, who opened the door to his heart but hasn’t fallen for his good looks and charm. When Elle succumbs to the after effects of her powers it stirs emotions he never knew existed. Now it’s up to him to help her heal and unleash the passion trapped inside of her.

Despite her miserable past, Elle Stevens became a healer.

Determined not to turn into her promiscuous mother, Elle leads a celibate life focused solely on helping others. When she meets Tiny he awakens feelings in her that she tries to push away but her heart and body crave. It’s hard to control when she’s tasked with helping him heal from his wounds. Harder when he stays by her side day and night.  Impossible when she looks into his eyes and sees a future she thought she could never have.

Unfortunately, someone has other plans for them and they don’t include a happy ever after.

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Welcome D. Anne! Congratulations on your new release, it sounds like a wonderful story!

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Love the sound of this one..much success....

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