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Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Great Day for Romance

Yesterday was a great day for romance authors everywhere. At one of the biggest conferences in the world, authors got up super early, stayed up super late, or gave up a night's sleep entirely to watch the royal wedding. I wasn't there this year, and I had to get up early on Saturday, but I stayed up as late as I dared to see the guests begin to arrive, DVR'd the rest, and rushed home from my errands to watch a solid six hours while  begging my mom who kept calling, wanting to discuss it, not to tell me about things I hadn't seen yet.

So often we all get caught up in politics, family worries, terrible tragedies of the world around us, and it was amazing to spend time watching the beautiful dresses, astounding hats, and the look of love on the face of a handsome prince when his bride arrived at his side. I get teary thinking about it even now.

Even in a world of troubles, there are some aspects of human experience we all long for. Love is a big one. From the giggly nerves of junior high to the first dates of high school, college relationships, work romances, living together, marriage, family. A big part of life.of course romantic love is only one kind, but it's the kind we tell our tales about. Sometimes, in the very best of worlds, a handsome prince meets a strong woman who shares his passion for helping others, helping the world to be a better place, saving the environment from destruction...and she's just the right woman for him.

I think, that's a big reason we love reading romance, and writing it. At least it is for me. But sometimes, it's real life...and that makes for an amazing and special day. I'd like to wish the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a long and happy life together. They make me feel happy, but more than that, optimistic. They are in a position to effect a lot of positive change, and I think they will. Plus...they love each other so much, that alone makes the world a little more wonderful. Harry's mom would be so proud! (cue more tears).

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