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Monday, April 9, 2018

Writing from Your Heart #RB4U #Cleveland_Quarries #melissa_keir

Writing From Your Heart

Hello and welcome back to another visit with your favorite small-town author. What were your favorite things to do as a child? I grew up outside of town on a two acre spread with trees for climbing, a play house my father built and a winding road to ride my bike on. With four younger sisters, we were always running around the property playing make believe or games like Mother May I or Red Light, Green Light.

One of our favorite places to play was the property across the street from our house. I never really knew who owned it, but they let Mother Nature reclaim it with vines, trees and boulders. My sisters and I would go over there and live in our pretend houses (boulders) or save the day like Charlie's Angels. 

A few times, the place became dangerous like when someone on motor bikes chased us through the trails. Luckily for us, we didn't need to stay on the cleared areas. We could climb over the rocks, swing on the vines and escape. Along one wall, a tombstone stood etched on the tall wall, never having been removed for a loved one. Just imagine our story about her!

It was in this magical place that I created my setting for my latest release- My Secret Mate.  This wild land had once been a quarry where local masons dug Berea Sandstone from the pits. These men used their strength to dig out large slabs of stone which were used in local homes, as well as important buildings across the United States. 

I fell in love with the adventures I had in the woods. They became a second
home for me--a place to reflect, a place to search and a place to grow. In essence a place of my heart and one I couldn't wait to include in a book.

What better place for a dragon to guard a magic pond where the water has healing properties- a sort of Fountain of Youth? Sean Mackenzie is a shifter, but not only does he change his shape into a dragon but also a large black dog. He meets his soul mate when she's too young, but the dog saves the day on more than one occasion, giving her time to grow up--if the bad guys will allow it.

Luckily for my Sean and Macy, I give them a happily ever after but I did leave the reader wondering about other magical places and the beings that protect them!

Growing up, Macy Waters leaned on a special pet who came to her during some of her most trying times. Now she’s grown up and must face returning to her childhood home alone, after the death of her parents.

Sean MacKenzie waited years for his mate to grow up, silently watching over her. Now, he’s ready to claim her and make her his.

As Sean shares his secret with Macy, can she learn to love a man who is something more, or will she give up on her own magical happy ending?

Fall for a Shifter Who Has Waited a Lifetime for his Mate….

Available in print as a standalone and in a box set; Daydreams and Night Desires-- in ebook

Happy Reading,

Melissa Keir


Vicki Batman, sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction, blogger at Handbags, Books...Whatever said...

Hi, Melissa! What a place to explore!! And so nifty you could incorporate it into your book. Congratulations, vb

Judy Baker said...

Sounds like you had a perfect childhood with your sisters. I loved exploring the woods as a child growing up in Tennessee. I'm looking forward to reading your new release. Best of Luck. Judy

Melissa Keir said...

Thank you Vicki and Judy. Sometimes we forget how wonderful growing up was! :)

Paris said...

What a great childhood! I grew up in a rural area with plenty of trees and streams and yes, vines to swing on. It was wonderful:) Good luck with the new release!

Tina Donahue said...

Love the photos, Melissa. And your cover - wow!

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