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Friday, April 20, 2018

Team Writing

When I first set out to be an author I had an image of how that would work.  Lots of quiet work all by myself followed by working with editors/publishers. That has been true in someways, but what I hadn't understood, was the connections forged between authors in the projects I'd be lucky enough to participate in. Multi-author series, Kindle Worlds, box sets,to name a few.

It is an amazing pleasure to have the privilege of working with authors I admire and learning what each of us can contribute to a project. I've learned so much!  Yes, there's a writing cave, and yes, I spend a lot of time there, but there are a lot of us in there thanks to the magic of the Internet.

This month I released Claimed by Her Polar Bears in the Paranormal Dating Agency Kindle World. This story is a crossover from Claimed Mates, a series I am writing with Ever Coming about a group of women who were at one time full-figured models together in a model house. A few years down the line, most have left that line of work and have entered all sorts of professions. And Gerri Wilder, who owns the Paranormal Dating Agency has just the right shifters for them. We begin each book with a shared scene told from each heroine's perspective before launching into her tale. 
Jenni has a life she never dreamed possible; a great career, true friends, and a decent guy wanting to marry her. If only he was the one.

Jenni’s life is finally on track. She has gone from fosterling in questionable homes to successful full-figured model to owner of her own specialty travel agency. She’s even received her first marriage proposal. Which she will probably accept, even if she knows in her heart it’s settling. But who doesn’t settle, right? It’s not like life is a fairy tale.

Matilda cannot allow her friend to marry Harold, as nice as he is. Jenni deserves better—everything,. Matilda sets her old modeling friend up with a date from the Paranormal Dating Agency. Jenni deserves all the things a shifter can bring to the table in a relationship. No settling for her best friend. Maybe she should have let Jenni know about shifter first…

Mated polar bears Clark and Ty live in the back country above Mammoth Lakes, California in a cabin they liked to describe as authentic—most everyone else would describe it as outdated. When they seek the help of the Paranormal Dating Agency to help find their third, they make plans to have the cabin rolling into this century before their date arrives. But winter is a busy season on the mountain, and the solar panels are still in the shed. Hopefully, their date will understand—at least the bathroom is complete.

Jenni is not too sure about her dates, not when she has to fly to the middle of nowhere to meet them, and especially not when they are late. Don’t even get her started on the unfinished cabin they brought her to. Except, even with all the little things that should have her giving a polite decline, she can’t help but connect with them—their charm, their kindness, their way of giving her butterflies in her belly.

When they head out to help with an emergency, Jenni needs another glimpse of them and watches through the window only to be shocked and a whole lot of freaked out to see them turning into bears—real live polar bears, to be exact. Can Jenni see past their differences and give them a chance to win her heart?

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