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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Has Reading Blogs Lost Its Appeal? by Marianne Stephen

Blogs. They're everywhere and everyone is trying to find a "new angle" to gain your attention.

But what if you have a blog and no one comes...or comments? Does that mean you should give up? Try a new approach? Do more promo to gain interest?

Here at RB4U, we try to post a different blog each day. Should we do more interviews? We already offer guest blog spots. Should we have more blog contests?

Have blogs become too numerous? We try to stick to romance/writing material, and sometimes some personal thoughts. What makes you decide to read this blog as opposed to thousands of other ones? How can we entice you to keep coming back and reading new blogs here?

I try to catch a reader's attention by making the title "catchy".
So...what else can be done to gain readers? Suggestions?

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Paris said...

I enjoy the blog and blogging but if I'm buried in edits or trying to meet a deadline,I might not have time to read them the day they're posted:(

Cara Marsi said...

I believe blogs have seen their day. I try to read our blog every day though. When I post a blog here I try to keep it to a topic that others might find interesting. Not always easy.

Melissa Keir said...

I agree with Cara. I think they have come and gone. People aren't having time to read books and blogs are lower on the list for me than a book. I'd rather spend the time immersed in a book. With time being so short, people don't leave comments except for the RB4U members but I try to share fun information.

I also believe that with Yahoo messing up the calendar it's a challenge to find out we have a blog each day. I don't get the notice so I skip it.

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