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Friday, April 27, 2018

Alien Heart Deleted Scenes by Janice Seagraves

Sometimes when you are revising your work, there are scenes that just aren't working out. I have a file I call deleted scenes and here are a few from Alien Heart that I thought you might enjoy reading.

     Blade got in and started the SUV.
     Audrey glanced over at him. “Maybe I should start an Arcon online dating service?”
     “That sounds like a good idea, Beloved, then maybe you can write a book too?” He looked out the window and checked the mirrors, before pulling out onto the road
     “Yes with tips on how to woo human females. Our males seem to have trouble with your culture.” After Blade passed Sargent Dixon in his black SUV, Dixon pulled out after them.
     “Maybe I’ll write one for the ladies.” She smiled. “How to Date a Space Alien, and I can add all those things I had problems with.”

This next one I had changed so much it didn't quite look the same.

     “Yes, when males are in rut it’s best to keep out of the way.” Paz opened the backdoor, and they both stepped out.
     Breathing in a lung full of the pine fresh mountain air, Audrey moved further from the house, and the sounds of combatants’. “I hope they don’t break my stuff.” 
     “If they do they’ll replace it.”
     “That’s all fine and dandy, but many of my things I inherited from my parents or my grandmother. Most are antiques or collectibles.” Bending down on one leg, she made a swipe at a half chewed pinecone. It took her two tries before she got it, then chucked it over the fence.
     Something scurried away, making the huge ferns move.
     Audrey peered over the fence. “What’s that?”
     “I don’t know, maybe a squirrel?” Paz looked too.
     “It sounded kind of big for one.”
     “Raccoon?” Paz suggested. “There’s water down in the creek, which would attract them.”
     “You know about raccoons?” She got another pinecone, dropping it over the fence.
     “One raided our garbage just after we moved in here, so I looked them up. They’re mostly nocturnal and omnivorous, they’ll eat almost anything.” Paz watched Audrey try to snatch up another pinecone. “Do you want help getting these pinecones out of the yard?”
     “Yes, these darn things are everywhere.”
     The young Arcon grabbed a pinecone and threw it. “There’s something in your tin building that might help. Do you want me to get it?”
     “Yes, please.”
     Paz maneuvered the tricky, old rusted door like he had done it before. Pulling something out, he brought it to Audrey.
     “Aw, I forgot I had this.” She took the grabber from him. “My grandmother was shorter than me, four-foot-eleven, and used this to reach stuff off of shelves.” Working the handles, she opened and closed the end of the grabber. Then she picked up a pinecone to drop over the fence. “Still works. Good thinking, Paz.”
     A bang sounded from the house, making Audrey flinch. “What do you think that was?”
     Paz shrugged. “Maybe one slammed the other into the wall?”
     “I don’t even want to think about it.” She started tossing pinecones, while her young assistant lobbed them from the other side of the yard. “You’ve got a good arm. When you go to college, they’ll put you on a sports team.”
     “I’d like to study in Japan, but I’d tower over my classmates and stand out too much.”
     She nodded. “Yeah, you would, but you shouldn’t let that stop you. If you want to go, then you should.”
     They worked from one side of the yard to the other, clearing out the pinecones.
     “I think I worked up a sweat.” Audrey sat down on the swing bench that was attached to the old swing set.
     “I worked up an appetite.” Paz sat down with a hand over his flat stomach. “With them fighting, no telling when we’ll eat.” His tummy gurgled.
     “Did you take your meds?”
     “Great, go grab a tomato out of my garden.” She pointed out a ripe one.
     Paz picked the ripe red fruit and sat next to her. He took a bite sucking in the juices. “Hey, Audrey, remember when I told you my two podlings were special?”
     “Do you think it’s possible for one podling to suck out the intelligence from his other two, while in vitro?” He stared at his tomato.
     “What’s up?” She set her hand on the crutch, pushing the swing.
     Paz lifted his feet so the swing would move and ate another bite.
     “It’s just . . . I’ve been praised all my life on how intelligent I am, but . . . my poor podlings weren’t nor did they grow much.” He sighed, staring at the ground.
     Audrey frowned. “They didn’t grow?”
     He glanced up at her. “No, it was a type of condition they had, it stunted them.”
     “What kind of condition?”
     “They were like your Down syndrome, but in the cause of my podling, they stay small.” He took another bite of the tomato.
     “So how were their personalities?”
     “They were sweet.”
     Another bang from the house and the walls shook.
    “When I got home from school, they’d run to me wanting hugs, and then I’d play with them. I miss them.”
     Audrey ran her hand down his hair, Paz leaned into the caress. “Sweetie, whatever happened was not your fault. Stuff happens.” While she petted him, she realized he missed his mother, and it made her miss her son more. Here he is, a motherless child, while I’m cut off from my own son.
     Audrey slipped an arm around his bowed shoulders, taking comfort in this overly tall boy. He smelled sweet like candy, but she didn’t think it was pheromones just his natural scent. I wish I smelled as good.
     “Didn’t you say you had an older brother that was special too?”
     “Yes, Lug. He was big and strong. He became a laborer, but still lived at home. When he played some times . . . he got rough. A long time ago he grabbed Keefe around the neck and wouldn’t let go. I don’t think he realized what he was doing. Blade made him drop Keefe. Our paternal-units hurried into the playroom, and there was Blade with a bloody mouth trying to get Keefe to breathe. While Lug cried like a baby, holding a bleeding arm. Blade got sent away to military school because of that.”
     The injustice of the act made Audrey feel ill. “That doesn’t sound like its Blade was fault.”
     “My paternal-units said Blade should have gotten help, instead of taking matters into his own hands . . . er, mouth.”
     Audrey raised her eyebrows. “Blade bit him?”
     “Yes.” Paz nodded.
     “He probably just reacted.”
     “Like he is reacting now? He started that fight with Keefe, to protect you.”
     There was another boom. Audrey’s gaze jerked back to the house, pine needles and pinecones tumbled off the roof. “This is because of me?” Her stomach gave a painful twist. “Do males fight a lot on Arcon?”
     “It depends on the female. If she is very desirable, and more than one male wants her, then yes.”
     “I’m desirable?” A wry smile twisted her mouth to one side.
     “Oh yes, you’re intelligent, dominant and pretty.” He stuffed the rest of the tomato in his mouth.
     “Oh really?” She shook her head. These Arcon males are too good looking to be believed and they’re fighting over me? It just sounded silly.
     As he chewed, he looked deep in thought. “Blade is showing that he is strong enough to protect you, while Keefe is fighting to prove he’s alpha enough to be your first mate.”
     “How come that’s okay, and a podling defending his brother, isn’t?”
     “Younglings aren’t allowed to be violent. No biting, hitting or pulling hair or you’re sent away to military school, and your family disowns you.”
     Audrey frowned. “That’s ridiculously strict. Here you’d have a time out or a spanking, depending on how your parents discipline you. In school, you’ll get suspended.”
     “On Arcon, sometimes a male is beaten with a whip.”
     “And that’s okay?” Her voice rose to a high squeak.
     He solemnly nodded.
     “The more I find out about your culture, the more confused I get.” Angry shouts came from the house. Audrey cast a nervous glance at the backdoor. “How do I get these two to stop fighting?”
     “There aren’t always fights when there is a rival. Sometimes the female just says ‘I have chosen my mate. Honour my choice.’”
     “That’s it?”
     He nodded. “If you’re the female, then you’re head of household, what you say goes.”
     She thought about that for all of a minute. Decision made, she squared her shoulders, fitted the crutch under her arm, then headed toward the house.
     Paz trotted to catch up. “Audrey, where are you going?”
     “To stop the madness,” she said over her shoulder.
     Audrey slammed the sliding glass door open, wincing when it banged the door frame. “Stop this—right now.”
     The two combatants froze where they were on the dining room floor. Blade had one fist cocked back, while Keefe’s hands where around his throat. “Huh?”
    “Blade—outside. Keefe—in the kitchen.” She jerked her head in the direction she wanted them to go.
     They both stared at her.
     “What are you waiting for—move!” She bellowed the last and it felt good.

The Chronicles of Arcon

Arcons Are Coming
Exodus Arcon Trailer
The first of a new Science Fiction series
Blurb: With their planet about to be destroyed by solar storms, the inhabitants of planet Arcon need to leave. They build three big spaceships to cross the stellar reaches of space. Only their government and the most gifted people can come. Everyone else has to take their chances with the lottery.
But one family cheats.
Aziza must pretend her consort’s brothers are her mates. Because Arcon justice is harsh and swift, the brothers must never reveal to anyone that they aren’t truly mated.
The Arcon story will continue in the Alien Heart the Chronicles of Arcon book one, which is available through Keith Publications
Alien Heart, the first of a whole new SF series.
Blurb: Divorcee and single mom, hardworking Audrey Westberry is the host of a cable TV show called Miz Fixit.
Romance was the last thing on Audrey’s mind when two handsome extraterrestrials join the audience of her show.
Soon Audrey finds out a single word “mated” has different meaning when you are born a galaxy away. After a wonderful night of passion, Audrey finds herself far from home, impregnated and her life turned upside down.
Will she ever be able to leave the alien compound, see her son again, or get home in time to film the fall season of her Miz Fixit show?
But what’s a girl to do with two aliens that smell like candy, and their kisses taste like it, too?
Excerpt: “Good show, everyone.” Derek, the director, walked through the dressing room. “So Audrey, how are you going to spend your summer hiatus?” Tall, dark-haired, with hazel eyes, and oh so married. He leaned on her chair and looked into the mirror at Audrey.“Oh hi, Derek.” Kendra made eyes at him again.Audrey frowned at her. If his wife ever saw her do that, she’d go ballistic.
To Audrey he was just a dear friend and director, who’d guided her through the complexity of cable television. “I was going to spend it with my son, but I got a call from my ex. Tony is going away to camp for eight weeks.”
“Camp?” He blinked in surprise. “Whose idea was that?”
“Tony and his best friend decided they wanted to go. My ex put him on the phone, so he could tell me.”
“Ouch.” Derek pulled down the corners of his mouth. “Best friend one, mom zero.”
“Yeah,” Audrey sighed, still feeling the sting of rejection. “He’s at an age now when friends are more important than mommy.”
“And, this is the dressing room where our star puts on her makeup for the camera.” Fox Watanabe, Audrey’s agent, was nattily dressed.  His straight midnight hair and dark eyes marked him as pure Native American. He seemed to be acting as a tour guide to the aliens.
A cameraman entered the dressing room ahead of the aliens, walking backward as he snapped pictures.
Audrey grimaced. God, what’s Fox doing now?
“The aliens look like elves,” Derek muttered under his breath.
“Yeah, they do.” Audrey noticed their pointed ears and long faces. “They could’ve played extras on the Lord of the Ring movies.”
“Got to go, things to do.” Derek headed toward the exit, but he slowed, and his back stiffened as he got near her agent.
Audrey tensed. Please don’t let them get into another argument over me.
“This is our little show’s director, Derek Alcorn.” Fox gestured toward him.
“Nice to meet you.” Derek gave a nod to the aliens. “I’ve got to button up the set.”
He hurried out of the room.
Fox turned back to the aliens. “He’s a busy man, lots of responsibilities.”
Audrey let out a breath. Fox had once again ignored the subtle dig Derek’s quick exit meant. The show’s director didn’t like chitchat, but he hated her agent even more.
“They have three penises each,” Kendra whispered in Audrey’s ear. She used a soaked cotton ball and ran it over the side of Audrey’s face to clean off the makeup.
Audrey turned to stare at her. “What?”
Kendra pinched Audrey’s chin, moving her head over to clean the other side.
“I saw a picture on the internet.” She whispered, “Two long ones and a little one. It makes you wonder what their women look like down there.”
Audrey licked her lips, trying to imagine the male aliens naked. Would their equipment look like my favorite toy?
Kendra moved back and smiled. “All done.”
Fox walked over to her, with the aliens in tow. “Here’s our Miz Fixit, Audrey Westberry.”
God, what a thing to tell me, just before I’m introduced to them. “How do you do?” Standing, Audrey held out her hand and tried not to glance at their crotches.
And coming soo: Alien Desire

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