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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Make Every Day a SEXY Smile Day - by Marianne Stephens

Okay...I cheated a little on this...I added the word "SEXY". But, hey...what else would a romance author do? Gotta get those hormones going and using the word SEXY will do it every time!
How often do you walk by people and (1) look away, (2) look down, (3) look up, (4) stare straight ahead as if you don't see them? We all do that...some of each of the above.

Sometimes my mind is whirling a mile a minute as I "head write" pages for a book or try to focus on my busy schedule. At those times, I may not even notice someone I pass, except in the vague recesses of my crowded mind.

Today, make a difference. Take the time to SMILE at someone. Doesn't have to be one of your famous SEXY smiles, just a casual one will do. People normally smile back...don't you? Look at these handsome guys and their winning smiles. Wouldn't you smile back?

In writing romance books, we tend to have our heroes and heroines smile. I have them do it frequently...and try very hard to come up with different ways of expressing that action. There's the full smile, the quirk to one side smile, the closed mouth smile, the teeth showing smile. The smile that curls your toes. That sexy smile, combined with eyes full of passion that gets your heart thumping and pounding in your chest.


 Save those smiles for someone you love! For everyone else, the casual smile will be contagious. Try it. Smile. See how many people return the smile to you!

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Photos: Flickr: lucias_day, Alan Light,  the Prodigal untitled's photostreams.


Paris said...

I think the act of smiling, even when no one is around will brighten anyone's day but sharing is even better. Most of the time people smile back automatically but some seem genuinely surprised. Loved the post!

jean hart stewart said...

Great post!!! Paris has said what I wanted to say, so will just echo her post with enthusiasm!!!!!!

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