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Monday, March 19, 2018

Happy Spring!

It's really been a heck of a winter, hasn't it? Lots of snow and ice and coldness most places even now. Here in California we're apparently just now getting all the weather, but very good writing weather! There's something about cuddling up in my jammies with a cup of coffee and my laptop, some cool tunes on the radio...pure magic. I hope you're all doing okay in the cold and wet places. Soon we'll all be outside in the sunshine again, saying it's too warm. There is a reason my husband from New England thinks I'd never survive a winter there. I love the sunshine! But it might be worth it for the beauty of Vermont.

One of the things I got up to this winter is writing under a shared name with the fabulous Ever Coming. Together we are Lorelei M. Hart writing a variety of MM subgenres and having a total blast. When I first wrote I thought it would be hard to write MM and it's certainly a challenge but such a joy, too. And when Ophelia Hart joins us for MMM...heavens! I think the best part is writing with them, blending our voices and seeing the stories weave together. I couldn't do it without them.   Here is our latest cover. :) And it's in KU so if you are part of that and like this very specific subgenre, I hope you'll check it out, here

I'm still writing as me, as well, so staying super busy. Usually this time of year I'm just back from Wild Wicked Weekend and I sure missed it this year, so glad it's coming back in 2019!The Riverwalk in San Antonio is a special place.

So, today as we spring into spring, I wish you sunshine and flowers and all beautiful green things.

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Paris said...

Happy Spring to you! I'm ready for a warmer season and seeing the flowers and trees bloom. There's something about that pop of color that energizes me. It sounds like you've been energized by your fabulous new projects. Best of luck!

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