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Monday, March 26, 2018

Special Guest @KatyEeten with her newest release, Blast From Her Past - Christian Romance #authorinterview #RB4U #guest

Welcome to Romance Books 4 Us, a place for all romance and all genres. We’re very happy to have you here with us today. First, tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m new to the publishing scene, so thanks for having me! I’ve lived most of my life in southeast Wisconsin, despite my dislike of cold weather. I’ve been married to my husband Jason for almost 16 years, and we have two sons (ages 9 and 7). I majored in economics in college, so naturally I write Christian romance novels (ha!). I love chocolate, pizza, and taking walks when it’s nice outside. I work full-time in the business world and consider writing to be my “release” from the stress of the day.

What or who initially inspired you to become a writer?
I’ve always enjoyed writing, and even at a young age I would enter writing contests and fill up notebooks and binders with poems and short stories. I can’t say there was any one person who inspired me, it was more of an innate desire tucked inside that I chose to pursue on my own. I have had some encouragement along the way though, so am thankful to those who make a point to support and encourage people in their talents.

What kind of research do you do for a novel and how extensive do you get?
I only have one published book at the moment, and my research for that was pretty minor. Everything I needed to know I could find on the internet. For example, what could cause a car to suddenly break down while driving? What is the distance between various midwestern cities? Do people in North Dakota call it “soda” or “pop”?

Do real life events find their way into your stories?
Somewhat. The majority of what I write is pure fiction, but in Blast from Her Past, there are a few elements based on real life. For example, the main character works from home but has to go into her office from time to time (so do I), and the flower sale concept is straight out of my own high school experience. When I can use truthful elements as fillers in my story, it gives it a more realistic feel, which is typically what I’m aiming for.

Do you ever mimic family members or people you know when you choose characters?
I try not to, as I don’t want to cause tension with anyone. But sometimes a certain quirk, personality trait or expression exhibited by someone in my life may be the perfect fit for a character. I try to keep it innocent though.

When do you write?  Early morning? During the day sometime or all day?  After the kids go to bed?
I have off work Fridays, so that’s often my most productive time to write. Otherwise, I write on weekends or after the kids have gone to bed.

Do you ever see yourself as the heroine/hero or find yourself relating to them when you write a story?
I don’t consciously consider myself the heroine, physically or emotionally, but it’s hard not to interject some of my own feelings or reactions, likes and dislikes, into the mix. Interestingly, when I first saw the cover art for Blast from Her Past, I was a little jolted at how the main character was depicted. Only then did I realize that I was expecting more of a resemblance to myself, which is silly because she really was nothing like me!

What is your favorite method of in laptop, desktop, iPad or the old-fashioned pencil and paper?  And do you plot out your story or go with the flow of your muse?
I use a laptop to write. I type over 100 words per minute, so this is by far more efficient than a pen and paper. I typically have an outline, whether typed out or just in my head, but my stories take on a life of their own after I get going. I’ve found you have to be adaptable when it comes to writing, and let the story take you where it leads!

Is there anything about yourself nobody knows that you would like to share with our readers?
I love Wheel of Fortune and want to be a contestant on the show so bad! :)

Where can our readers find you? 

Is there an upcoming or current release you would like to share with us today and where can we find it? 

My current release, Blast from Her Past, is a Christian Romance published by Anaiah Press. Below is the blurb followed by where it can be purchased.

After a disastrous failed engagement, Sydney Hampson is leaving her past—and her faith—behind to focus on her career instead. Following through with her new, albeit misguided, resolution proves easier said than done when former classmate, and reformed bully, Grant Williams signs on with her company, and they must work closely together.

Grant Williams gave up his teenage antics years ago, and now he’s looking forward to a future that includes a strong relationship with God. When he realizes he’ll be working with none other than Sydney Hampson—the girl he had a secret crush on throughout high school—he couldn’t be more thrilled. Until he discovers she’s not the same caring, compassionate woman she used to be.

When a business trip gone awry leaves the pair stranded in the middle of a snowstorm, Grant sees his chance to make things right and put their past wrongs behind them…if only Sydney can get over her distrust of men. And with a conniving coworker intent on destroying Sydney’s happiness, can she put her faith back in God and learn to trust in Grant before she loses her chance at love?

Now Available via Kindle Unlimited !!

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