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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Are We Expected To Freeze To Death? #fashion #RB4U #melissakeir

Are We Expected To Freeze To Death?

Thank you for stopping by today! I'm back to talk about something which has become very serious for many of us these days...warmth. The end of December was so cold that people and pets were in danger if they spent time outside, at least in much of the United States' Midwest and certainly here in Michigan. They close schools when it gets too cold for the children to stand out for the buses. Let's talk Jan 5th- The temp was -25F (with wind chill).

Have you done any shopping lately? I needed some new clothes for work and the winter weather but I really struggled. What should I get? What would keep me warm and look cute, too? Were retailers trying to make me freeze? What were they thinking? I wasn't trying to be silly but I was lost as I couldn't find clothes which would cover me from head to toe. I spoke about this with other women who also found some of the new trends a little frightening.....

Here's a few of the new styles which are available at many retailers.

1. Cold Shoulders
Many sweaters have open shoulders. Isn't keeping warm the point of a sweater? 

Yes, these are very sexy sweaters and who wouldn't want to look great like these women do? However, remember Michigan winter. I'm sitting here in my house with gloves on because I don't want to spend a million on heating costs each day. Nor do I want to include a jacket, extra sweater or t-shirt on or under this one, just to stay warm. I don't think doubling up will still give me the sexy look!

2. Distressed Pants
Jeans and slacks come with holes, not just one on the pocket but large slices throughout the legs. Warm is still an issue but also since I like my jeans a little tight, my *fat* likes to sneak through.

What message do the distressed pants send? I'm trendy or something else. After all, if I keep wearing my own jeans until they fall of my body, people will pay more for them??

3. Crop tops
First, no one wants to see me in a crop top. After two children, my stomach isn't quite the same but let's go back to Michigan winter. When outside walking the dog or watching students at recess, I'm not about to leave any skin showing.

 A look for the younger crowd for sure, and very cute, if you have a flat belly. 

Sadly, these aren't the only trends in clothes. We have high-waisted mom jeans returning. 

My son's girlfriend works in retail and shuddered when she said that "Mom" jeans were back. Her other words were "What is (this retail store) doing? Are they crazy?"

But "Mom" Jeans aren't all that's stylish this year....Lace on sleeves and pants (see above about skin pushing through), open backs on dresses and sweaters then there's the open neck and shoulders.

All these models and outfits are beautiful and if I lived in Hawaii, maybe I'd wear them more often, but I live Michigan--and it's winter. On New Year's Day, we had wind chills in the below freezing during the afternoon. 

This is more me....


I appears I will have to wait until the spring to pick up any of those cute styles or maybe when I move to the equator. Until then, bundle up and enjoy a hot, sexy Cowboy instead....

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Until Next Month...

Melissa Keir


Tina Donahue said...

A few years back they were selling the tees and sweaters with cut-outs in Cali where it's warm enough to wear them. I hated them then and still hate them now. The distressed jeans are super ugly too. Imagine spending $100 or more for something you'd find in the garbage. SMH

Congrats on Cowboy Strong. Gotta love them sexy dudes. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe fashion these days. These trends are more for Spring than Winter. Sheesh, we live in a cold-weather climate and need to have all the skin covered. I know blue is a fashionable color but it isn't when your skin is blue.

I agree with you, Tina. The distressed jeans are ugly and you can do it yourself for cheaper.

A great sale on Cowboy Strong so off I go to get my fill of yummy cowboys. ;)

Paris said...

I leave fashion to those willing to suffer for it, lol! I'm in the midwest and I swear that I wear wool socks until July:) I'm with Tina and NN, why would I pay for jeans you could find in the garbage? Of course, smart kids go to thrift shops and style their own but I have neither the time nor the inclinations to go on that hunt.

I love the cover for Cowboy Strong! I do love sexy cowboys and wish you the best for your sales. I know it's going on my TBR list:)

Judy Baker said...

I'm pretty much on board with the rest of you. If I were young again and had their shapes - well, probably, but I'm not young and I live in northern Utah where the winters are cold and snowy too. I look for warmth and comfort, even in shoes. Enjoyed your post, Melissa.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction, blogger at Handbags, Books...Whatever said...

I have seen the exposed shoulders look and shudder with cold. Ridiculous. No one ever stays warm in clothing with holes. And as for jeans with holes...I'm in mourning as my fav pair has a hole by the zipper. I've been wearing them at home only so no one can see. I just can't give them up. Off to put on my UGGS as my feet are freezing.

Melissa Keir said...

Thank you all for the compliment on the book. I laugh because if you are all saying the same things the rest of us are...why are the stores not considering the masses?? Even with the heat on at home, I'm wearing two sweaters, gloves and a scarf for typing! Stay Warm Everyone!

Molly Daniels said...

I'm soooooo with you on the whole 'cold shoulders' look. I had one shirt five years ago with a modified cut-out shoulder, and I hated it, esp if the a/c was on 'freeze-out' (it was a summer shirt). I also detest holey jeans. Back in the late 80s, when this trend began, my sister had our dad take a pair of her jeans, attach them to his pellet gun target, and shoot at it. Everyone thought she'd spent $40-50 on the pair; no, it was her $20 old ones!

Am I the only one who's happy to see high-waisted jeans again? I HATE hip-huggers, and seeing my kids' butt cracks every time they bend over. Pull the damn things UP! I'm constantly trying to pull my own up every damn time I feel them slip down to my hips.

Awesome cover, Melissa!!!

Melissa Keir said...

Thank you Molly. My only issue with the high waisted jeans is that it makes my tummy look fat. Now they need to put some reinforced lycra there to keep it in!

Liza O'Connor said...

If a 'fashionable' person had worn that in Michigan recently, she would be a frozen fashionable person.

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